Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cosy CAL 4: Seven days of Cosy

Hello..... It's Attic24 'Cosy Crochet Along' time again, last week I was skippy happy and so surprised to find my little blanket had a mention in Lucy's CAL post.  So for this weeks post I thought I'd share with you my 'seven days of Cosy' I'm still loving this project soooo much.


So Sunday was all about sewing in the dreaded ends

I've decided I'm going to do them once a week on a Sunday so they don't mount up, otherwise I just won't want to face them as the blanket get bigger.


So Monday saw the first bit of blanket crochet for the week,  first up I selected the next four colours (although to tell the truth I'm a little unsure about the darker Glittery Blue, it's very fitting for the seaside pebble theme of my blanket, but I'm just not certain, I think it might be a bit to dark for the other colours, I guess only time will tell).

Having ME/Lyme Disease means I spend a lot of time stuck in bed, crafting is a bit of a escape for me, I think creativity is very important and it really helps me cope with this terrible illness, so Monday I hunkered down in my comfy bed for a spot of crochet

and it wasn't very long before chief crafting assistant Merlin came to help with the yarn !!

Tuesday :

Tuesday and I'm up and sofa bound, getting a bit of crochet in before heading off to the doctors for my B12 injection.

  Back home after my jab and it was time to make a decision about that blue, yes it's the perfect colour for the English Channel this time of year, but no, I'm just not liking it in mix, so after crocheting a small sample area, I decided it was just too dark against the other tones so I ripped it out.

What do you think was I right to remove it from the mix?


Wednesday and turned width ways, my blanket is now just wide enough to cover me, and boy has it been cold this week, so I spent the day snuggled up alternating between crocheting a sparkly row of white (how I love the twinkly rows) resting and wrapping up some parcels ready to go off in the post.  

Having to rest for so much of the day means it takes me ages to get anything done, it's taken me all week to parcel up seven packages to go off in the post. As for my blanket well I'm having to pace that too after doing part of a row my arms feel like lead and my joints are all complaining so I have to stop and rest, so that's why I'm going to be making this blanket long after most of the other Crochet Alongers have finished.


Today I did a spot of Christmas crafting, making a sparkly snowflake with the yarn once I'd finished my White Sparkly row. More on that another time.....


As for Friday not a lot of anything got done, as I was feeling so awful so the day was spent resting.


Today the sun is shining for the first time this week here at the Summerhouse, so I took the opportunity for a spot of alfresco blankety photography,  So here's where I'm up to with my Cosy Seaside Pebble Blanket.

Row 33-34 Silver Sparkle
Row 35-36 Cream
Row 37-38 Mocha
Row 39-40 White Sparkle
Row 41-42 Parchment
Row 43-44 Silver.

As with the last few weeks I'm also sharing here the music I've been listening to while making my Blanket.


This week I've been mostly listening to  Hatful of Rains wonderful second Album 'The Morning Key' above is a clip of there latest video 'Scarlet Ribbon'  All profits from digital downloads of this single are going to the Brighton based domestic abuse charity 'Rise'.

You can download the single from itunes 'here' it really is such a poignantly beautiful song, raising money and awarness against domestic violence.


Here's another clip off the Album called 'These Street'

Wishing you all a good week.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Such good progress, Clare, and I am very fond of the colors you are using...they do remind me of being by the sea, my favorite place on earth. It's such a good idea to listen to music you enjoy while stitching. I need to do that more [both stitch and listen :) ] xx

  2. Its looking beautiful, such a good idea to sew the ends in on a regular basis.

  3. I liked the blue but you have to be happy with it :) love that pretty snowflake I want some to sew on a winter hat! X

  4. I think your blanket is lovely. The colors work so perfectly together. I am drawn to the colors of the sea, so much so that I think I must have been a mermaid in a previous life. Thank you for sharing!

  5. At first when I saw the darker blue I was so excited, but then after reading more, and looking at it a bit longer I think you did the right thine, it would have drawn your eyes to just that exact stripe, when what you want to see is the whole blanket.

  6. It looks great and so beautiful !!! Very nice combination of colors !!! Have fun !!

  7. I'm loving seeing your blanket growing, it's so pretty. The darker blue shade is really pretty, I love all the glitterness but I think your right to remove it. I think it may have looked a bit strong against the other shades. Looking forward to your next installment.
    Ali xx

  8. I love the darker blue, but I agree, it is better out of the blanket. Maybe a pair of fingerless gloves instead?

  9. Your blanket is looking so lovely Clare, the colours are really pretty together.
    Marianne x

  10. I love the colours you have chosen for your cosy blanket ~ I think you were right to leave out the darker blue ~ can't wait to see it as it progresses :O)x

  11. I love the blue colour, but you are right it doesn't work with the other colours does it. You will have to save it for something else wonderful instead!! Your blanket is looking beautiful, and how great that it is getting big enough to snuggle and crochet at the same time! xx

  12. I so love your blanket! I agree about the darker blue, it wasn't working with the other colours. Gorgeous yarn though - you will have to show us what you do decide to do with it!

  13. Your blanket is stunning. I agree with you about the darker blue! :)