Monday, 29 December 2014

Granny Star Decorations

Hello...... Now that Christmas has been and gone I can safely share this post.  Yes over the past few months I have been making these Granny Star Decorations, for friends and family as a little homemade touch to my gifts. 

It all started off with a Craft based Secret Santa gift for someone who loves stars and once I'd started making them I just could not stop.

I used Zelna's wonderful Granny Stars pattern as a starting point for these decoration, crocheting the first three rounds only of the pattern.

I then pinned and blocked each star by hovering the steam iron over them, two stars for each decoration. I used lots of sparkly yarns for this make seeing as it was Christmas.

I also used some candy cane string and cute little wooden embellishments,

Stitching one into the centre of each star, before pinning the stars together, adding a little stuffing and stitching each pair of stars.

This was the first star I made and one of my favourites, I love it's simple Scandi Style,

Before long though I was branching out into different Festive Colour combinations

Ta- Dah

Cute little Granny Stars, off to spread some festive cheer.

They all went off in the post long before we got around to putting the tree up this year.

I did make one just for the Summerhouse though.

Here it is hanging on the tree with some of our other decorations,  lookie the Button Baubles also made it onto the tree as well as the Felt Strawberry I made 'here' it's lovely to have a little bits of homemade craftiness on the tree.

As always thanks has to go to chief crafting assistant Merlin, who always has a paw in the mix.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.....

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Love these, just been making some stars, didn't think of changing colour each round, obvious really! They look great :)

  2. They're the perfect Christmas crochet touch! Very lovely indeed :) Marie xx

  3. So beautiful stars,very festive!
    Happy and creative New Year!!

  4. They are quite gorgeous in the sparkly colours Clare! I love the button baubles you made too - I am going to make some of those through the year and add them as gifts next Christmas!

  5. They are beautiful, lucky people who received them!

    I have two feline helpers, Tiger and Jet who are always there when needed!


  6. They are so very lovely. Happy holidays! Tammy

  7. I can see how these would be addictive! They are so cute (and probably work up super fast!)! But I think my favorite part is the bit of stuffing, so they're not just flat. Not only add a touch to gifts, but then in turn can be a decoration for years to come! Win-win!

  8. Beautiful stars the little wooden stars in the centre are a lovely touch. All the very best for 2015.

  9. Those are great! I love all the colors!

    And wanted to add I see you used to link up with Tami. Chrisknits and I have tried to start it back up..and tomorrow I have a post about the whole thing..hope you’ll stop by..

  10. Lovely stars, Clare! I am impressed you got so many made with Merlin's "help!" I hope you have a most Happy New Year! xx

  11. Those are beautiful! Love the display!

  12. What a simple pattern but what great result! Beautyful stars, yes. Greetings, Sabine.

  13. love granny's, and these are no exception. I'm working on a granny project now, about 3 more rows to go. What is it about the granny?