Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winter Solstice Cosy CAL

Hello and a very Happy Winters Solstice to you all, 
I think it important to mark the Solstices especially the Winter one as they days can only get longer and lighter from here.

This morning we awoke to glorious sunshine here at the Summerhouse, so despite feeling pretty rotten, I've succumbed the dreaded lurgy just in time for Christmas, I was determine to struggle out to the garden and collect some clipping to make a Solstice candle.

I found so much colour out in the garden, Winter Jasmine, Heather, Hebe and some very pretty foliage in oranges and deep reds  sadly the birds have already eaten all the Holly Berries this year, I've never known a Christmas before when the tree had been completely cleared.

I decided this year to make my Solstice Candle using a tea cup, I put a little piece of oasis in the bottom to stand the candle in then covered it with moss finally adding in my flowers and leaves.


Here it is on the mantle, I'm planning to burn the candle all day, it already burnt down quite low so I think I'll have to swap the candle for another later.

As for my Cosy blanket here's where I'm up to this week, things have slowed down a little in blanket land with Christmas

but it's roughly the size of a beach towel now.

So here are this weeks colours

57-58 Silver
59-60 Parchment
61-62 Cream
63-64 Mocha
65-66 White Sparkle.

Later today I'll be repining my Wintertime wreath for the Solstice, I do love how the wreath changes with the seasons and hopefully we will be putting the tree up too

Fingers crossed, I'll have one more post for you before Christmas, energy levels permitting as we went on a very special outing on Friday evening to Christmas at Kew Gardens it was such a magical fairyland.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I love your solstice candle, simply beautiful. And the colours you are using for your blanket are exactly my cup of tea!

    Hope you feel much better very soon.


  2. Ooo so pretty! Cant wait to see your Kew garden pictures too x

  3. I olove you wreath !! and your blanket looks simply beautiful and gorgeous !!! I wish you a very happy christmas !! See you soon !

  4. Your solstice candle is beautiful! Love that you were able to find so many colors out in your garden this time of year!!

  5. I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, Clare. I hope you feel better soon. Your solstice candle is really pretty.

  6. I'm glad that you had a good visit to Kew, it looks amazing. I love your solstice candle, what a lovely idea! Happy Christmas! xx