Monday, 8 December 2014

Festive Garland

Hello........ How are you're Christmas preparations going?  I have a festive make to share with you today. The inspiration for this make, struck way back in the Summer.

When my Auntie B took part in the Women Weekly Christmas World Record attempt knitting decorations, while raising money for the 'Alzheimer 's Society. They broke the record and have certificates to prove it. My Auntie kindly made me these two little stocking (aren't they cute)

and two twinkly knitted stars.  She thought I might be able to used them on my wreaths, but sadly they were a little on the big side for the wreath so I hatched a cunning plan. To make a festive garland to string across our chimney breast.

In addition to my Auntie B's knitted decorations I also made two stars using the first three rounds from Zelna's lovely Granny Star pattern. Using red and silver twinkly yarns with Stylecraft special DK in cream.

I then made one of Lucy's cute crocheted snowflake,  for which I used some of the White Twinkle yarn from my Cosy Blanket. Do you remember 'here' when I used the same pattern to made a snowflake garland this time last year.

Once they were all hooked up it was time for a spot of blocking, pinning and hovering the steam iron over them before taking them out into the garden to spray with some ironing starch. Having ME/Lyme disease  also means that I suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, meaning I react badly to perfume, cleaning products, washing detergents and also spray starch, see how I suffer from my crafting.

After I sprayed them as it was a lovely day I left them, out in the garden to dry and for the chemical smell to disperse.

Then it was time for a little decoration, with wooden charms and candy cane string, which I simply threaded the decorations on to.

Aww don't they look cute all hanging in a row.


My festive garland
  so the first Christmas decoration is up here at the Summerhouse, how are you getting on with yours have you got the tree up yet.

I'd love to hear if you also took part in the Women Weekly Christmas Decoration world record  ?

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. It's really lovely Clare. I think it looks perfect above your mantle.
    Jacquie x

  2. Very pretty, the garland is a real delight. I have decorated in preparation for the season, with a little help from my Grandson.

  3. Very pretty indeed! A great way to add to your aunts decorations as well! xx

  4. Your garland is very pretty it looks lovely. :) xx

  5. Love the Ta-Dah!!!!!

  6. Cheers for you, Clare! I admire your garland. Thanks for posting! xx