Friday, 12 December 2014

This week

Hello..... This week winter has set in here at the Summerhouse, with our first real frosts of the season

but at least that means we've had some wonderful crisp blue sky days, unlike this morning, I think we are experiencing the tail end of the so called 'weather bomb' with gales rain and hail lashing against the windows. It's the UK's version of the ice bucket challenge.

Even the Summerhouse is joining in with the festive frosty look.

This weeks there have been pretty flowers inside and

out, how the colours make my heart sing.

Trees have been decorated too, as I spend a lot of time in bed I always like to have a tree upstairs, fairy lights,pink fluffiness and glitter butterflies, not you're tradtional colours but I love this little tree.

The decorations on my blossom lights have also been altered to fit the season.  As for downstairs the main trees not up yet, it's a bit of a bigger job and at the moment, I'm just not well enough to tackle it.

This week a new piece of crating kit arrived here at the Summerhouse, I've been waiting for it for a while now but it's finally here.

The Lapdog crafting tray is a bit of a treat for me after having a very tough year with my health.  After finally making it through all the cardiology tests and getting another diagnosis to add to the list, I figured why not. 

I've been called in urgently to see the Endocrinologist on Monday, so it looks like he might have found something else as well, oh joy so I'm counting this niffy tray as a well deserved treat.

I do nearly all my crafting from bed and spend so much time loosing things in the bedding I think this is going to be a great help, hopefully there will be no more wayward buttons, beads, scissors, or needles eek.

I'm already putting it to good use, more on that at the end of this post.

This week there have been other treats too

and as always there has been some crochet, seeing as it's nearly Christmas 

it's been by fairy light.

This week I've started something new, Button baubles what's not to love about them, so my new 'Lapdog tray' has arrive in the nick of time as there would have been buttons everywhere with this make.  ( more on the baubles another time)

I hope you've had a good week.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. It really has been an awful week with regards to the weather, these storms have not been good. Love your Christmas decorating so far, the little pink tree is a real delight and I love the button bauble beautiful.

  2. I hope that the weather stays away from you and that all turns out well with your appointment this week. In the meantime keep crafting and enjoying your new tray, I think that would be a great idea for anyone who crafts with lots of little pieces, not just someone in your position, but it will be especially good for you! I love your pom pom robin on your blossom tree, he is very cute isn't he!! xx

  3. Your buttons bauble is cute ! great idea ! bad nice decorations of your house ! Have a lovely day !

  4. So glad you survived the weather bomb, Clare! We had some gusty winds that downed a few branches thanks to the Pineapple Express storm that hit the US West Coast. Your decorations and crafts are very clever and cheery. Wishing you an encouraging report on Monday! xx

  5. Good luck with your appointment, hope you find out something that helps. Love that tray, it is really a fantastic idea.

  6. Definitely deserved! That little crafting lap desk is awesome! I need to look for one for me!