Saturday, 31 May 2014

Summertime Wreath: Putting it all together

Hello..... It amazes me but I've got there much quicker than I thought possible with this new wreath. To tell you the truth this is mostly because I have used flowers from both my Springtime and Wintertime wreaths

From Springtime I've borrowed Roses

and Little Flowers (both patterns from the wonderful Attic 24 )

Butterflies too

and Anemones (which are flowering in the Summerhouse garden at the moment.)
You can find the tutorial for them 'here'

From winter I've borrowed Little blossoms

and more Roses.

So in the end I only had to make make seven Roses to complete the wreath. I made most of them using a pattern from Nicki Trents 'Cute and Easy crochet with flowers' book

Choosing a Summery palette of Reds, Pinks Lilacs Blues and Purples mostly Stylecrafts Special DK and all from my stash which is a bonus.

I'm using the same wreath as my base with it's green knitted cover, you can read more about how I covered the wreath 'here' As I said in my last post I love using the one wreath base that changes with the Seasons, (only Autumn to do now !!)

As always I'm using the little trick of a stitch marker to hang my wreath by.

So we are already there, time for the pinning of my Summertime wreath, it's hard to believe that it's has all come together in less than two weeks, flowers, beads pins, ribbon and sparkle all at the ready.

See you next time for the big Ta-Dah

Clare xx


  1. It looks like it'll be a beauty. I need to take my spring one down and think about a summer one. x

  2. I really like the idea of having a wreath for each season.... it seems such a positive and happy thing to do :-)
    Tracey xxx

  3. Can't wait for the Ta-dash, it's looking fab already :-)

  4. How wonderful, Clare. It's looking really pretty already!

  5. Looking forward to the big reveal.

  6. It is going to be fabulous.
    Hugs to you,

  7. That glimpse of your wreath coming together is beautiful! Can't wait for the ta-dah!
    Maria x

  8. Cannot wait to see the finished wreath!

  9. The parts are so pretty I can imagine the wreath will be lovely, Clare! Thanks for posting. xx

  10. Oh my goodness could this be your best one yet? Of course I thought that about the last one... ;-) Chrissie xxx

  11. It is looking so pretty Clare, I'm looking forward to the big ta-dah!
    Marianne x