Friday, 30 May 2014

Ring of Roses

Hello............ Well I decided to go for it and make a Summertime version of my crochet wreath, now I realise there is not much time, and Summer is upon us, but never the less I'm going to go for it.

 I've been thinking about what really represents Summer here at the Summerhouse by the sea and decided on Roses lots and lots, so I've set to work on my Ring a Roses.

Both my Spring and Winter wreaths include Roses as they seem to flower nearly all year round here. So I'll be using some of the pre made Roses in my Summertime wreath, partly as time is of the essence and my energy levels are low but also as I kinda like that my wreath evolves as the seasons go by with some flowers staying and some going just like out in the Summerhouse garden  

Over the passed week, I've been playing around with a colour palette for wreath

 and have starting making some larger roses. I'm using two of Nikki Trent patterns from her 'Cute and Easy Crochet' books

I've also started playing around with the wreath layout, to get a idea about things, it's still a work in progress with more rose to make and I'm thinking some daisies too.  It needs a lot more work,  more pinning and re pinning to do until I'm happy, but I love this way of working with the wreaths as you get a great look at what's needed what lacking and what's still to be done.  

It's always fun to play around with the colours, in this way, and helps to see if the balance is right, which I know is not right yet.

As I'm stuck in bed with a relpases and a flare up (Herx) of symptoms from restarting my Lyme disease treatment I'm glad I've decided to attempt a Summertime wreath, it's such a great way of taking my mind off all the thing I can't do (that need doing) around here at the moment.

If you need me, I've escaped off to the wonderful world of crocheted flowers for a while.

Happy Crafting

Clare x


  1. Gorgeous!n I have been making a knitted wreath the last few weeks, it is hung on my front door and I just add to it as/when!

  2. A real delight. I am working on several for my daughters wedding. Have a great weekend.

  3. That is something I really should have a go at.Hope you are feeling a bit better soon.

  4. It's looking beautiful already. I think reusing the roses from the other wreaths is a really nice idea.

  5. It looks very pretty, take care.

  6. I am especially fond of your roses, Clare. Wishing you well! xx