Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Day Baskets

Hello ......... a very Happy May Day to you, can it really be May already.  This morning I went out into the garden and picks some blooms to make a May Day Basket for my Mum.  

This is such a lovely old tradition that seems to have faded away recently, so when I heard on the radio that a near by town was reviving the tradition and asking people to leave posies of flower on bench's bus stops and in other public space, for others to find. I thought it sounded such a lovely thing to do.

So this morning when there was a break in the rain I went out to the garden to pick some flowers for a May Day basket for my Mum.

Being so very ill means she does a awful lot for me so I thought this was the perfect way to say thank you and wish her luck and joy.

I collected a mix of flowers in blues yellows, oranges and whites, most of the small flowers we have
in the garden at the moment.

A Rose for love and Friendship, Forget me Nots, to remember, Daisies for Innocence and loyalty. A Blue Bell for humility,

  I think the blue flower is a type of Cornflower, so on that basis it's for Delicacy

and Marigolds as they are so bright and cheerful, although there meaning gives them a bit of a bad press as it's grief, cruelty and jealousy, which is a shame,  as I'm sure they are just misunderstood.

Any way as it was raining I left the basket inside for her to find, maybe next year I'll have a bit more energy and will be able to leave some for the neighbours on there doors as per the tradition.

I also I have a bit of a Ta-Dah moment
 as I sat and finished the last round of my Spring time Mandala this morning which seemed appropriate for May Day as it was inspired by the Spring Flowers in the Summerhouse garden, you can read more about it 'here'

I've just discovered there is a link up for this, from  Laura's blog circle of pines so wonderful. So I'm joining in with Lou at Little green shed May Day link up. Also joining up with Hannapats Mand a long.

Linking up with Nicoles KCCO

Happy May Pole Dancing

Clare xx


  1. Your basket of May flowers is gorgeous! What a lovely Mayday idea. Your Spring mandala is lovely too! Perfect colours for 1st May! Happy May Day, Clare! E x

  2. Oh so gorgeous! Thank you for joining me. Could I ask which local radio and town? Be nice to find out more. Also could you add this post to my link up here:

    1. It was on the gardening progrsam on Radio Kent, can't remember the town might have been Ashford, somewhere in Kent though, will join the link up

    2. Sorry I got it wrong it's not Ashford but Sittingbourne in Kent :)

  3. What a brilliant idea, I do remember May poles and making them out of crepe paper as a child but not May flowers. I am going to do the same right now and pick some for my Mum. Happy May Day.

  4. Your May Day posy is a lovely idea- I love the descriptions of the meaning behind each flower. And your mandala is pretty too- very Spring-like x

  5. What a lovely thing to do for your mum.

  6. I am sure that your Mum loved her beautiful bouquet of flowers! Yes, you have included a perennial cornflower!! Your mandala is very pretty and so spring like and pretty too! Happy May Day to you. xx

  7. I like the idea of leaving flowers for people to find, and I love the beautiful posy you made up for your Mum - I bet she loved it! Your mandala turned out so lovely, soft and gentle looking, very nicely done Clare! Hugs, Joy x

  8. lovely posy created for your mum ♥

  9. Hi Clare, your may day basket is a lovely idea. I love the way you know what the flowers represent. I wish you a happy belated birthday. Hope the sun is shining where you are today, Heather x

  10. Lovely idea for the posies. Its Mother's day here in NZ on Sunday so might make up a posie for autumn flowers! Love your Mandala it is so beautiful.

  11. Beautiful mandala ,what a beautiful posie. I bet she really loved it