Friday, 16 May 2014


Hello... I'm sorry to say I've not been about much lately, my health has caused me to lay low for a while. So this is a bit of a catch up post of the last few weeks

Lately .... There have been birthday flowers here at the Summerhouse, as my birthday was couple of weeks back

there were pretty birthday Roses to and lots of lovely gifts, including craft supplies and a couple of handmade presents so lovely.

Lately........ I've spent hours and hours, turning into days and weeks here.  The slightest activity wiping me out completely, I really need to listen to my body more when it's screaming at me to rest instead of thinking about all the things that need doing. I am trying to learn this.

Lately........ the roses have been flowering in posies in the Summerhouse garden

and the garden had quite run away on us but I'm trying not to worry about it, I did manage to sit in a garden chair and shake some wildflower mix onto the wildlife strip a couple of weeks ago. It's so important to try and look after the Bee and insects.

Lately there have been little bits of craft going on, not as much as I'd like, but it's nice to manage something.  I'm still making Poppies for the local library's WW1 memorial

One good thing is that lately the May Mornings have been marvellous out in the Summerhouse garden, and when I felt up to it on Thursday morning I went out and took these pictures, so much is going on out there we still have Polyanthus flowering but also Roses and Geraniums 


Lately I've been trying to play mandolin for ten minutes each day, trying to get my fingers and brain working again.

The Horse Chestnut by the Summerhouse is looking gorgeous in full flower lately

and I've been making a few easy to follow granny squares for my Spring time throw

and of course it would'nt be the Summerhouse without a crocheted flower.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. Oh this dastardly disease - sorry to read you had a dip there but you are always so amazingly positive, whether you feel it or not, and I always enjoy reading your posts and what you've been getting up to, despite the ME etc. But please do listen to your body when it screams at you!
    Happy belated birthday too!
    Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine. Hugs xx

  2. Happy Birthday to you, sorry it is belated, but better late than never. I hope that now the weather is improving you can spend some time enjoying the sun and warm and doing what you need to or not and that things will improve for you, as Gilly said above, enjoy the sunshine! xx

  3. Happy belated birthday. The craft projects are all looking lovely and beautiful flowers. Hope you are feeling a little better soon. Have a good weekend and enjoy the nice weather we're having at the moment.

  4. So many pretty flowers! But OH! That horse chestnut is the loveliest of all! Take it easy Clare - you are still accomplishing a great deal - be good to yourself!

  5. Happy Birthday, Clare! I am so sorry you have been feeling especially poorly. In spite of that you created this beautiful post full of beautiful creative efforts. Thanks so much for sharing :) xx

  6. Happy belated birthday, your crafty & gardening projects look great. Take care. xx

  7. Seeing you havn't been feeling well I think you have done a lot.Look after yourself and listen to your body.I love your photos.

  8. Wishing you the best Clare, hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. Love knitted and crocheted flowers. They are almost as beautiful as the real thing to me!

  10. Hi Clare, thanks or popping over to my blog to enter my May giveaway. Amanda x

  11. Sorry that you have been feeling so unwell recently Clare, I really hope you feel better soon. Happy belated birthday wishes to you.
    Marianne x

  12. Your bed does look like a very pretty spot,. although I appreciate that you've spent far more time there lately than you ever wanted to. Happy Belated birthday to you. I'm glad that you felt well enough to get out into the garden and enjoy your flowers and the May sunshine. x

  13. wishing you the best clare.beautiful crochet flowers.lovely pics from your garden.
    have a good time,

  14. I just found your blog and love all these beautiful pictures. I'm glad you are feeling better and hope you stay healthy :)

  15. I'm sorry I forgot to say : happy belated birthday to you ������