Sunday, 4 May 2014

Magical Blue Woods

Hello..... Yesterday we went on a bit of a adventure to a magical Bluebell wood

We hopped into the car and travel to this stunning woodland

In search of a wonderful sea of blue

How I love this time of year

and the lovely lovely bluebells, they just make my heart sing with joy

As you can see this post is very photo heavy but I'm in no way apologising as you can never have too many Bluebells !!

It was so lovely to escape into the blue, so peaceful and beautiful

I just couldn't resist escaping from the wheelchair for minute to stand in wonder,

So a big thank you goes to my sister who had the job of attempting to push me and the wheelchair along woodland paths

The beauty of them lifts the spirits and is so worth the energy payback

Blue as far as the eye can see, 
I believe in faeries all year long and with scenes like these I'm sure they weren't very far away.

The trees were looking lovely in new leaf too.

There was even a wild flower meadow

Then it was back along the woodland track

with time for one last look

before we piled back into the car,  one tired but very happy Clare.

When I've recovered a bit, in a few days, I'm very tempted to get my water colours out to try paint me some magical Blues

Clare xx


  1. The bluebells seem to be especially stunning this year - they must have benefited from all the rain over the winter!


  2. Magical!!!!! Cannot wait to see your watercolour interpretation!

  3. Just beautiful! You can never have too many bluebell photos.
    Marianne x

  4. What a wonderful walk! How kind of your sister to push you along the paths and make sure that you got to see such beauty, I can totally understand why you wanted to go and stand amongst the bluebells for a moment. It is so lovely to see that you took so many photos! xx

  5. Wow Clare, thank you for sharing these wonderful Bluebell pictures. Don't they look stunning en you say a real sea of blue.
    Hope your energy levels soon recover.
    Jacquie x

  6. A huge thank you Clare - that sight has done my heart so much good I can't even begin to tell you! Absolutely AMAZING, THANK YOU!!! Love, Joy xo

  7. It's really beautiful, Clare. I'm glad you were able to get out and about to enjoy it.

  8. Really beautiful photos Clare x

  9. Oh that is so amazing! Brought back many memories of when I was living in Eastbourne, we used to go to Abbots wood to see the bluebells. Thank you so much. Thanks for your visit and nice words.

  10. What a magical place to visit.