Wednesday, 7 May 2014

April's Mosiacs

Hello....... here's the roundup from last month I love putting these mosaics together at then end of each month, it's a great way of looking back.

Due to starting some antivirals for my ME/Lyme disease April was quite a hard month for me, so not a awful lot of crafting got done, just finishing off some bits for the Woollen woods and a slight case of mandalitis.  I enjoyed Easter with family and friend getting together.

April's picture is this little garden doodle, I did when 'L' was visiting over the school holidays, maybe next month I'll be well enough to get my paints out, the Bluebells and Wisteria are calling me for a spot of water colouring.

April out in the garden was stunning so much colour everywhere my favourite time of the year. This year so many plants are early, we had Roses, Daffs, Wisteria and Geraniums all out at the same time. I'm loving all the colour though.

The year in books:

I have to confess I am yet to finish Aprils book 'Hunting Unicorn' with a full on relapse and also my balance playing up, I've found it hard to read some days.  Thankfully the vertigo seems to be settling down again, so I'm hoping to catch up.

As for the book, I'm finding it very slow and hard to get into, but maybe that's due to my relapse and poor concentration I'm not sure, but I'm going to persevere with it.

The book I've chosen for May is 'The voices of Angels' by Francesca Brown, this book was lent to me and it's not something I would normally read but I'm giving it a go with a open mind.

Well that's about it, sorry I've not been about so much, but I'm really struggling with my health at the moment with a full on relapse I'm stuck in bed again, so it back on the antibiotics for the Lyme disease. I did see a warning on our local news about a increase in ticks being found in Kent, so if you are in the UK please be aware that Lyme disease is a real threat in this country, be careful when walking in the country or even in you local park or back garden.

This disease is devastating lives and if you are unlucky enough to get infected, getting a diagnosis and treatment here in the UK on the NHS is very difficult, there was only one NHS centre specialising in Lyme Disease, in the whole country but it's has just been closed, oh joy.

 This is a worldwide problem and so many are suffering and struggling to get appropriate treatment.
You can find out more about Lyme disease 'here'

Thanks for reading 

Clare xx


  1. Hope you are feeling a little better soon. The flower mosaic is beautiful, it would make a stunning canvas for a wall.

  2. I hope that May brings some improvement for you Clare. Your "doodle" is beautiful, it reminds me of a Monet waterlily painting. Lovely to see your little pom pom ladybirds again, they are so cute. Take care there and keep going, I hope that it will all be resolved for you someday. xx

  3. Your mosaics for April are so pretty and colorful. I hope May finds you feeling better every day.

  4. Sorry to read you're not doing too well at the moment, Clare - hope you start to feel better soon. Your mosaics are lovely, especially all those pretty flowers. Hugs & hope your day is happy today,

  5. So sorry to hear you're struggling a bit with everyday life just now, and hope it passes soon. I do empathise, not having the same problems as you, but different health issues that cause me to have light-headedness and periods when real exhaustion hits for no apparent reason. We get through, but it can be hard at times. I love, love your garden doodle.... how wonderful to have the gift to be able to draw like that, clever you.
    Get better soon x

  6. So sorry to hear you are poorly Clare. Here in SA we have to check ourselves carefully after holidays in the bushveld. A couple of years back my youngest and I both had tick bite fever after a holiday spent in the bush! It is nasty - fortunately once treated we recovered fully! I really feel for you - because it was horrible - like the worst case of flu imaginable! Feel better soon! Hugs from SA xxx

  7. I am so sorry you are not feeling well. My BIL has Lyme's and it does rear its ugly head often, it can be devastating.

    I hope you are feeling much better soon.
    Sending you a hug,

  8. I do hope you can start to improve in health soon again, Clare, it's a long and winding road isn't it, and I'm so sorry you are battling again! Your post is filled with happy and colourful pics, and they brighten my day, thank you for sharing! Big hugs, Joy xo

  9. Just found you on The Year in Books. So sorry to hear of your illness. I also saw the recent reports on the media about Lyme disease and as someone who does a lot of walking through long grass etc with my dog it has made me very wary. I hope you are able to get some pleasure from your reading and crafting and that your health improves soon.