Sunday, 20 October 2013

October : Pick and Mix

Hello it's pick and mix time again, so here's this months little bits and bobs of Summerhouse living.

The view from the window:

October sure has been a month of  mists and mellow fruitfulness, as Keats once said. It not the clearest of photo's but it kinda sums up this misty month well. I just love the crow perched on telegraph pole.

Stash busting:

Last week I told you about my new yarn purchase, well these colours were ordered to add to the colour palette, for a new major stash busting project.

Here are the other colours, I'm going to be using.  I ordered them a few years ago when I first learnt to crochet.  At the time the plan was to make the 'The Spring time throw from 'Nicki Tench's' Cute and Easy crochet book, but to tell the truth I never did get very far with it.

As you can see there is a lot of stash to be busted, that has sat in a box for far too long. So what's the plan. well for a while now I have been admiring all the stunning ripple blankets you see around blogland. Jennifer over at thistlebear posted about  a beautiful blanket she had made the other week.It really is gorgeous.

So I thought why not, lets go for it, so the plan is to make the blanket over the cold winter months, with the blanket hopefully growing as the winter weather sets in.  My energy levels and crafting time is limited, so I'm hoping to manage 10 minutes of lovely rippleness each day.  So I know it's going to take me a while but it feel great to be starting this huge project.  I'll keep you posted as to how it's going.

Out in the garden:

There is still plenty of colour out in the garden with Cyclamen and Chrysanthemum taking over from the summer planting, which is still hanging in there too, with the mild weather.  The wild Flower border has just about finished now, but I can already see next years Forget Me Nots coming up and  hopefully lots of the other wild flowers will have reseeded too.

New Project:

Today I started a new seasidie stitching project, 'The seaside' is another of my local craft clubs exhibition themes. I've decided I'm going to make some bunting. I found this fab Maritime fabric in Dunelm Mill, isn't it cute?

 I've been cutting out the little seaside images today and I'm going to attached them to colourful bunting pennants and decorate them with a bit of hand stitching, well that's the plan anyway.  I have all these great plans in my head, but not much energy at the moment to accomplish them. 

I'm really tempted to try and make a cushion if there is any spare fabric, but I've very new to sewing so we'll see how it goes.

Autumnal Bliss

It really has been the most beautiful Autumn this year, here's just a few shots from the Summerhouse garden. Need I say more......

Well I guess that's all the pick and Mix for this month, Happy Autumn everyone.
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Clare xx


  1. What a beautiful post, from start to finish! The ripple blanket promises to be a stunner in those colours! And the seaside fabric is so sweet, I know you're project will be wonderful! The nature photos are pretty, especially on a rainy day...Chrissie x

  2. I have just discovered your lovely blog. I don' t have a blog of my own so please excuse me for posting as 'anonymous'. I like to sew in my spare time and get huge inspiration and enjoyment from a few lovely blogs. Many thanks! Mandy x

  3. Lovely picks, Clare. I look forward to seeing your ripple. Thank you for mentioning me. I think it's funny how we have to buy more yarn to bust our existing stash! I do it all the time myself. :)

  4. lovely, I love the maritime fabric. They are nice colours for a ripple blanket

  5. Your bunting will look wonderful, love the windmill in the photo:)