Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stitching Sundays 06

Hello.... I'm back again for stitching Sunday's. I've had to put my Summerhouse sampler on hold for a bit as the monitor on the desktop PC has blown, so I've been unable to print of the motif I'm planning on using.  

So instead earlier in the week I decided to have a go at this cute little cross stitch, that came free with 'Mollie Makes' magazine in August. When I got the magazine I thought this sweet little Rose looked kind of familiar,  it wasn't till I read the magazine that I realised it's because the design is by 'Eline Pellinkhof'

and I have a copy of  her  fab book 'Stitch and Sew home,' It a small world. 

I've never really done any cross stitch before, but I was keen to give this make a go as it's sooooo sweet. Roses Ribbons and Lace what's not to love.

I found the following a pattern quite a challenge, as concentration and counting are not two of my strong points living with a ME/Lyme brain, so I have the feeling my Rose might not look exactly like the one in the photo, but I'm having fun all the same, with the very pretty coloured flosses.

First the Red, then onto the pinks.

  I'm not normally a fan of red and pink together but I think it works perfectly on this darling little Rose.  It's taken me quite a while, doing a little at a time but this is where I'm up to.

 Eek here's a closer look at the stitching, 
which is a bit gappy but it's my first attempt so hey hoo.

Well that's all for today, just before I go I wanted to wish my UK readers safe passage through the storm that is supposed to be hitting overnight Sunday/Monday  Here's hoping it's not as bad as is being predicted. 'P' has spent the day putting away the garden furniture and mini greenhouse, making sure everything is put away or lashed down in the garden. Although to tell the truth it's already been blowing a gale here for the last few days.  Take care all.

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Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Clare, your cross stitch looks beautiful, and the colours stunning.

  2. Snap! I just started learning to cross stitch on Thursday! I'm doing a little rose, too, which I'll post about next week. I'm just like you - not so sure I could manage the whole counting aspect - but I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying it! Oh dear, looks like you and I will just be adding to our heap of WIPs! ;-) Chrissie x

    1. Look forward to seeing how you get on, I'm terrible for starting new projects, I keep thinking no more till you've finished something, but I just can't help myself. xx

  3. It's looking lovely Clare :) You can always e-mail your sampler motif to me and I'll print it off and pop it round for you xxx

  4. It looks lovely, Clare. Best wishes with the storm.

    1. Thanks Jen, we're as ready as we can be for hurricane St Jude as they are calling it. xx

  5. Dear Clare
    Your little rose project is looking beautiful - the red and pink work together so well. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
    Best wishes

  6. Clare, your beautiful little rose seems extra-special to me since my newest Grand born last night has been named Rose :) Thanks for sharing your pretty project with us, and I pray the storm does not cause great damage!
    Gracie xx

    1. Aww Gracie congratulations, on the birth of your grand daughter, little Rose. xx

  7. Well done Clare, your sweet little rose is looking lovely and isn't it nice to have a go at something new! I do hope the storm turns out to be much less than predicted and that you all keep safe and well ever there. Hugs, Joy xo

  8. What a pretty cross stitch to do. I am very impressed as I know for me, all that counting and concentrating is pretty much a recipe for disaster. I really hope that you have a better week Clare. Much love xoxo

  9. What a sweet little project. I enjoy cross stitch too.
    Marianne x