Tuesday 15 October 2013

Crocheted Butterfly (CAL)

Hello... todays all about butterflies here at the Summerhouse for
 as well as my little crochet flowers (you can read more about them 'here' ) my top secret, recent make also needed a crocheted butterfly.

 I had a little look around online and found a wonderful pattern 'here'
on a blog called  'Marie's making' the tutorial is fab and really easy to follow. It calls for a finer yarn and smaller hook, but it worked out fine making one with DK on a 4mm hook. So my butterfly turned out the perfect size for my make.

I used Stylecrafts Special DK in Fondant and Sherbet, yes this ones a very girly make. 

  The butterfly is made in the round so all you cleverly have to do, is just fold it in half to make the butterfly.

See how fab and easy was that?
 I'm for sure going to be making some more of these beauties, maybe on a smaller scale, as they'd make super cute hair decorations.

After that you simply make some antenna and stitch a line through the centre for the body and there you have it, a lovely little butterfly.

Then I just had to stick some crystals onto the wings for decoration. I just couldn't resist

 and Ta-Dah my butterfly was finished

As you can see, I threaded my butterfly onto some strong cotton, (a little hint at what I'm making) so can you guess what it might be yet ?

More next time!!!

 As for reading this week I'm still slowly working my way through Cloud Atlas. 
Yarning along with Ginny and Christina'sMade by hand

Crocheting along with Marianne and Chrissie 'here' 
Happy Crafting
Clare xx


  1. So clever! I love it! Those would look so cute on a sweater!
    Have a great week,

  2. What a cute little butterfly! I love the colors you used.

  3. I've never made a butterfly, and I love the one you made, Clare :)
    Gracie xx

  4. Wow Clare - I was so surprised as I scrolled down and realized that it was a round, folded over - you've done a lovely job with it. I made quite a few butterflies last Christmas time to tie on gifts and hang from the tree but they weren't as cleverly done as this and took so much concentration I could hardly keep with the pattern. Thanks so much for sharing this - I'll give it a go this year! I love your gentle colour choices too.
    Hugs, and take care of yourself!
    Joy xo

  5. You are clever, I wish I could crochet! Julie x

  6. So sweet and it seems so easy to make, I'd make dozens fluttering all round the house! Chrissie x

  7. Thank you for sharing this- I need some butterflies for a project I am doing , and yours is divine.

  8. Love the butterfly, I remember making these as a child. Very pretty! Suzy x

  9. Oh what a wee pretty butterfly. Love it. Hugs Judy

  10. What a gorgeous little flutterby Clare. Well done! Hope you are feeling a little better! xoxo

  11. So pretty!!!! I love the finishing touch with the crystals. Enjoy the weekend. X

  12. Aw so pretty Clare. What a lovely little butterfly. Thank you for sharing x