Sunday, 13 October 2013

Three Things: 24/52

It's year of happy time again, it's been a bit of a struggle this week, to find 'three things', my health has been very poor and at one point earlier in the week I thought it very unlikely I'd be able to find three things from the week that made me happy.  I've spent most of the week in bed feeling very unwell, I did go out to a local support group on Wednesday, but it left me feeling so exhausted  ill and dizzy (my balance has gone again)  it's no way to live in your 30's  barely able to leave the house, without a huge flare up of symptoms as payback.

It's very hard to explain how very ill a ME/Lyme disease flare can make you feel, I guess it like having the worst flu every x 100 with added extra symptoms, at it worst if seems to effect every system in your body. Sunday I think was the worst I've ever felt in twenty four years of illness.  I'm waiting for two consultant appointments to come through at the moment and I just hope that they can help. Although I have to be realistic, as there is no effective treatment for ME and Chronic Lyme disease is a even bigger problem to face, as it's simply not recognised.  Any road sorry about the doom and gloom, not sure where that came from, this is supposed to be a HAPPY post.

Number one :

OK. so number one this week is new yarn, I mean whats not to love. I started a stash buster make this week all I needed was couple of new colours to add to the mix, and here they are a Pretty Purple and a Grey. 

Seeing as it was 'I love yarn day' on Friday it would have been rude not to indulge in a bit of yarny retail therapy. Who am I kidding, everyday is Yarn appreciation day here at the Summerhouse.

Number two:

I'd been meaning all week to take a photo of this gorgeous Rose, that was blooming in the front garden, but just didn't have the energy to go outside with the camera.  It was a very windy day here on Thursday with the wind whistling through, the wheelie bins and recycling crates all blowing over, around the street. The wind we so strong it snapped this beauty off, 'P' rescued it from the front lawn. A little battered but still

so gorgeous, the Rose bush it's from is still covered in blooms outside despite the Autumnal weather, it's amazing how resilient nature can be.

Number three:

Is my new found love of embroidery, I've been able to do a little bit more of my blossom tree this week, plus I remembered there was a lovely sparkly thread in my sewing box, that would be the perfect addition Yippee.  I'm hoping I'll be able to complete this little tree by my stitching Sunday post, which might be a bit late this week, but I'll get there.

Well that's all the happy for this weeks. 

Clare xx


  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling so rough this week - I'd have brought you home sooner on Wednesday if you'd asked. But I'm glad you've found something to be happy about. Did that rose smell as pretty as it looks?

    1. That's ok Lindy, it's my own fault and stubbornness, thinking I should be able to sit and chat for a couple of hours, dosent't seem to much to ask. Yep Rose smells lovely xxx

  2. So sorry to hear you're going through another bad bout Clare - the way you describe your symptoms is how I was feeling many years ago when diagnosed with SLE (lupus), so I certainly understand and commiserate with you. I hope you pick up again very soon.
    Your little tree is looking gorgeous, lovely stitching and colours, and your rose is perfect - as roses are, to my mind!
    Take good care now - I'm sending healing light and love your way,
    Joy xo

  3. I'm so sorry you've had a tough week, well done for finding three things! And lovely things they are...the sparkly thread looks super! Chrissie x

  4. I'm sorry you're so ill at the moment I really feel for you and so understand. It's horrible when you can barely move or get to the toilet abs honestly I don't think people will ever understand it unless they have some experience of it. It's infuriating that everything we do always comes with a price tag of payback. I know that socialising is the worse bit for me as it takes so much our if me and by that it can be as simple as seeing the doctor and having to talk to them. Hang in there honey. I'm still in bed every day, I gave to be otherwise I don't cope. I've provided links on my blog for amazing products by a company called Gematria, it's not cured me buts its certainly helped a bit. I'm now spending 3 hrs in bed a day as suppose to six. Hang in there xxx

  5. I'm so sorry you have had a tough week Clare, sending soft hugs your way.
    Your rose is beautiful, and your yarn so lovely. Your little tree looks beautiful with its' soft gentle colours.

  6. I do LOVE your happy things, and well done you for finding them in an otherwise yucky week, but so sorry to hear you're having a bad time at the moment. Sending you big hugs & positive thoughts & prayers, and I hope your consultant appointments come soon and they are able to help you manage it better. xx