Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Patchwork September and a blog award

Hello........... Each month I seem to run a little bit later with this post, but better late than never !! so here's the summerhouse roundup for September

A month spent hobbling around on crutches, with a broken ankle, while the seasons changed over from Summer to Autumn, (from flip flops to boots in a month) it is amazing to see how the colours change each month in these patchworks as we go through the year.  So a month of resting and lots of hospital appointments, crochet, music, eating clean and hunkering down as the nights started to draw in.

Out in the garden I'm sure there was lots going on, but with my energy levels and ankle it was a bit of a struggle to get out there, so only a few pics, I was skippy happy to see the anemones I planted just a few weeks back, flowering, so very beautiful.  Low energy gardening is all I can manage these days, so it was wonderful to see the corns I planted in a pot on the patio flowering.

Over on 'Instagram' September looked something like this, oh yes the summerhouse now has it's very own instagram page which you can find 'here'

Now to the award.......

Last week I was skippy happy when the lovely Sharon from Creativity and Family left a comment saying she had nominated my little blog for a 'Encouraging Thunder' award, now to be honest with you I didn't really know what the award was all about until I popped over to Sharon wonderful blog to learn a little more...........

'So the Encouraging Thunder Award is meant to recognise blogs that are inspiring and encouraging to their readers'

It is so lovely to think that me crafting away here at the Summerhouse is helping, inspire others.  As to tell the truth the reason I started the blog was in many way to try and help myself, as many of you know I suffer with some chronic health problems and at the time I started this blog things were a bit scary for me.

I was struggling very much with new cognitive symptoms, that were effecting my ability to read, spell and word find, best described I guess as a late onset dyslexia, so worrying to my GP that I was sent off for a urgent brain scan.  In the mean time, I thought well use it or lose it, so I started the blog to try and stop my cognitive symptoms from getting any worse, that's why sometimes you may find errors in my posts.  I read and reread them, check and check again each post before sharing it with the world but I'm sure sometime mistakes are still made.

So it's wonderful that, my blog is maybe helping other too, I do try and make it a positive space, full of colour and creativity.

Here's what Sharon had to say about the Summerhouse.

'You are inspirational, your cheerfulness through your illness is amazing and I love to see what you are making.'

I was really touched by Sharon's kind words which really cheered me on, in what has been a bit of a tough time here at the Summerhouse.

So here are the rules for this award...........

When you get this award, you can:
  • Post it and the logo on your blog
  • Pay it forward by nominating others
You cannot:
  • Abuse or misuse the logo
  • Claim the logo is your own
If you receive the award you should:
  • Give thanks via comments and likes in the blog of the person nominating you
  • Mention the person who nominated you in your award blog
  • Discuss your purpose in blogging in your award blog

So as for my nomination's I'm going to do them in a separate post, in a few days, because as of late I've not been very good at keeping up to date with my blog reading, so I'm going to do some catching up and then get my nomination on, I hope that's OK

Happy Crafting

Clare xx



  1. Ooo what a great idea! As difficult as having a chronic illness is and obviously we all want to be well, I have made some of the loveliest friends because of it. Well done on being nominated, well deserved! Xxx

  2. Ooo what a great idea! As difficult as having a chronic illness is and obviously we all want to be well, I have made some of the loveliest friends because of it. Well done on being nominated, well deserved! Xxx

  3. Cheers for you, Clare :) You have earned the award! I admire your creativity, and your courage to persevere even when the going is tough. Thanks for posting xx

  4. Congratulations on a well deserved award. Your stamina, determination and creativity are to be admired. Well done!

  5. Your September colours and flowers are lovely Clare, I was pleased to nominate you, you are such an inspiring person and the things you make are beautiful. x

  6. That is lovely news Clare. I like your blog and I enjoy it when you stop by mine too. Hope you can squeeze your foot into some boots now! Jo x

  7. It looks as though you still found lots of beauty in September. You are a very well deserved recipient of that particular award!!! xx

  8. Congratulations on the award, Clare, well deserved.

  9. Well done Clare, you deserve the award and everything your friend said is so true.,