Thursday, 15 October 2015

Indian Summer Card

Hello........... Last week when I made this card the weather was gorgeous here at the summerhouse, you could say we were experiencing a bit of a Indian Summer, not so much now though, it's wet, windy, cold and the central heater is on for the first time.

So the inspiration for this card, just to confuse things further comes from the continent of India not North America which I think is where the term comes from, do correct me if I'm wrong.  With it's lovely warm, rich, earthy tones, this pastels girl has fallen a little bit in love, so much so I thought it would make a perfect Autumnal Birthday card.

So first up I choose a peach coloured card blank, and found a cute little orange doily in my stash, mostly because I needed a round template for the card and I was feeling too poorly at the time to make one, I hope it works well,  but you can make this card just as easily by cutting a ring of cardboard out to attach the flowers too as I did 'here'

Next up it was paper flower assembly time, layering up the flowers adding sparkle and beads,

It really is the fun bit, playing around with the colours, patterns, buttons, beads and sparkles, I do love a paper flower.

 Then using glue dots and foam pads all you have to do it stick them to the card, I spent quite sometime playing around with the layout but when you are happy with it, just get sticking.

 Once all the flowers are on, you just have to add the finishing touches of beads buttons and of course some sparkle. For this make I added a cute glitter butterfly, which I made by sticking a glitter butterfly sticker onto a piece of acetate, that way you can cut around the sticker and then fold the butterfly down the centre, to make it 3d, so it looks like it's just landed on a flower.


My Indian Summer bithday card, I do hope the recipient likes it and that the weather cheers up again soon. Linking up with A spirit of simplicity

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. It's a very pretty Indian Summer birthday card, Clare, and should help someone have a happy celebration! xx

  2. I am impressed with up your pretty card. I'm afraid I don't have the imagination to make cards. Your card will definitely help someone have a wonderful birthday.

  3. Love the idea of using a doily, very pretty!

  4. Love the colours of the flowers, such a beautiful card. Take care.

  5. Such a pretty card, I am sure she will love it, especially with all the effort it takes when you are feeling ill. xx

  6. Of course the recipient will love it. What a creative and original card!

  7. A very pretty card which will be treasured I am sure! xx

  8. I love a spot of cardmaking. Your card looks fabulous. Jo x

  9. Very beautiful Clare.

  10. Aren't these pretty flowers. A lovely card -- it must have been quite fun to make, especially knowing it was for someone specific.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  11. What a lovely idea to use a doily as your backing, it's a really pretty card

  12. that is a very sweet card and it does remind me of Indian Summer. We have been experiencing warm days here and I am certainly not complaining. Everyone has been talking about the extremely cold winter we are headed into and after last year's record breaking snows I will take all the indian summer I can get.