Friday, 23 October 2015

Five on a Friday -Hunkering

Hello.......... Today's Five on a Friday post is going to be all about hunkering, outside it's wet and cold, so there is nothing else for it, it's time to hunker.

So here are my essentials for a good hunker........

number one: A comfy place with lots of cushions, blankets and fairy lights and of course some lovely crochet to be getting on with.

Number Two: Blankets are very important in the hunkering process all cosy and warm. This is a blanket I've been meaning to share on the blog for a while, It's a special one, a vintage make and family piece that probably dates back to the 1960's maybe earlier.

Number three: While hunkering you need something to look at, flowers are good, these seasonal anemones are perfect, don't you just love the one at the top of this post, it reminds me so much of raspberry ripple ice cream.

Number four: When hunkering you need something to do, craft magazines are the perfect distraction from the gloomy weather outside.

Number five :Tis the season for hearty food, a essential when hunkering, this was a chicken and butter bean casserole, so yummy on a cold day.  Now do you notice anything missing in the above pic? While eating this for lunch yesterday I said to 'P' 'I'm yet to find a butter bean.' To which the reply was 'Me neither'.  Yep my Foggy brain strikes again they were still sitting in the tin on the side.  They did make it into the pot in the end, oops you see hunkering can be a tricky old business.

Joining in with Amy's Five in a Friday.

Now I have some very sad news, our lovely Dylan passed away over night Tuesday, he had been poorly for a while and it's a comfort to know his suffering is over now, but he will be much missed here at the Summerhouse. He made it to the grand age of 15 and a half and brought so much joy, love and laughter into our lives.  So I am now without my yoga buddy, cuddle chum and crafting assistant, it's all a bit heart breaking really as we only lost our beautiful Merlin in the Spring. 

Spending so much time in bed with my health, they were my constant companions, never too far away from the crafting action, my lovely little crafting assistants, both of them are so very much missed.

Clare xx


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Dylan Clare. It is hard losing a pet, especially when they have been such good companions. It's hard not to feel hungry with a delicious stew and raspberry ripple anemones to look at :-) Your hunkering space looks delightfully pretty and cosy, The fairy lights add such a beautiful light. Take care. x

  2. Such sad news about Dylan. I love the idea of hunkering and you have a great process and a stunning space looking so cosy. Happy hunkering!

  3. Beautiful blanket and gorgeous flowers. So sorry about Dylan though, not nice to lose a pet x :(

  4. Apart from your sad news, your Five was a great selection of all my favourite things. :-)

  5. So sorry for your loss, makes me want to run out and give my kitty a hug,but she'd think I was crazy.
    Loved your photos, what a beautiful bed.

  6. Five lovely hunkering moments, but I am so sad to hear about Dylan, I am sure that you were great friends and comforts to each other. Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  7. Hunkering is such a great word and much needed as the weather cools down, and I must say your bed looks such a cosy place. Sorry to hear the news of your puss cat, it's always tough to say goodbye :( #fiveonfriday

  8. That is so sad that your sweet cat has passed away, I am sending you positive thoughts Clare. A good hunkering down is just what you need right now.

  9. LOVE your bed! How comfy-looking! Lovely post!

  10. So very sorry to read about Dylan. Sending virtual hugs. Hunkering... What a fantastic word and you do it in such style

  11. hi Clare! I love the idea of hunkering come this time of year! I'd happily cosy in with you & look at the magazines & make a few Christmas goodies!
    Sorry for you all on losing a special kitty the photos are lovely!
    Great five!
    New follower

  12. You look totally set for the season ahead! Jo x

  13. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Loving the idea of bright blooms, bedding and craft magazines.