Friday, 2 October 2015

Kusudama Flowers

Hello... This week at craft club we learnt how to make these pretty paper flowers, now this was my first ever attempt at origami and once I got my head around what I was doing it was fairly easy and relaxing.

So all you need for this make is 5 pieces of square paper, (the ones we used were 4 inch square), some glue, buttons, wire and some pegs!!!

First up fold the paper in half

Then fold the outer corners into the top to make a smaller square

You then fold them back out again and over on themselves, now if you are getting confuggled already don't worry as I've found a fab you tube clip that I'll add at the bottom.

 Now we are going to unfold the side pieces so they look like so

Then you fold the top corners down on both sides

  then fold the corners in half on themselves again.

Then you glue the two sides together to form a petal

 Time for the cute little pegs,

We used pva glue, so the mini pegs held things in place while the glue dried, but I think glue dots would be much easier.

So you now need to make four more petals (five in total)

Once they are dry you glue them all together, used a narrow layer of glue right at the very edge of the petals ( so they don't tear when you unfold them) and hold in place with a clothes peg like so.

 Once that's  dried fold around the petals until you have a flower, you might have to gently tease them a bit, then glue and peg the final seam

Leave it to dry and have fun selecting buttons.

Which you can then glue in place, also dip the top of your wire into the glue and push it into place at the bottom of the flower.

Your flower will look like this from the top 

and here's the side view


These little flowers are a bit addictive, in fact I feel a whole vase full coming on.

Hopefully I've not confused you all too much, but if I have, here's a fab video tutorial I found on you tube.  A huge thank you to 'B' for teaching me how to make the flowers.

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Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. They look amazing, I may give that a try, thank you for sharing.

  2. Very effective, they look great. :-)

  3. Not confusing at all!!! An excellent tutorial and explanation, the only trouble is that now I want to make some and I already have too much else going on! They are very pretty indeed, I love the effect they give. Very pretty, thank you for sharing! xx

  4. I'm quite taken with them, what a pretty effect. Thank you for the link, I really fancy having a go at these xx

  5. They are great. Crafting with friends is one of my favourite things to do. Jo x

  6. I wish I was good at origami I will try though x

  7. Beautiful flowers Clare.

  8. Thanks for your great directions on how to craft these pretty paper flowers, Clare! xx

  9. Wow! They turned out very, very pretty! Some day I will try to make some paper flowers too :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  10. Those are great! Thanks for sharing how to do them, too. My oldest son and oldest daughter love to do paper folding and origami.

  11. These are so cute! Love them!

  12. Super cute flowers, Clare! Thanks for sharing, I do like origami.