Friday, 3 July 2015

Happy New Home card

Hello........ I've been paper crafting again, this time it was a new home card for a friend.

I had some pretty new home themed papers that had come with a magazine which were just perfect for the card, I also raided the Summerhouse stash for a card blank, some sparkles, ribbon and white card.

First up I cut out a simple house shape from white card and drew on windows and a door, I wanted the door to open so I cut along one side and the top, I then scored along the remaining part of the door on the reverse side of the card so the door would hinge and open.

Then it was decision time the cute little house paper which I love (but might be a bit too much for the card) or the pretty coloured Keys.

In the end I opted for the Keys which I cut and glued to the card blank.

I then cut two rectangles of paper in Teal and Pink Gingham and put them together like so.

I also loved, these cute little scrabble tiles, that came with the papers, so I cut out a 'New Home' to go along the top of the card, but when I put it up against the Key paper it looked a bit lost........ (so I had to have a think about that one)

Then it was time to put the card together, I glued the paper rectangles to the card, then added the cute little cardboard house, I also added a blue ribbon across the top.

which I think really lifted the scrabble tile greeting.

For the final touch I added a little sparkle to the front door.


A Happy New Home card.
Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I love this card so much! The keys are perfect as is the diamante detail :)

  2. I love this card so much! The keys are perfect as is the diamante detail :)

  3. What an adorable card. It has a celebratory feeling that is perfect for a new home.

  4. Very nice, love the diamante and the keys paper, a wonderful combination.

  5. This card is absolutely charming - very clever. And I'm sure the recipient is going to be so pleased. This is so much nicer than anything you can buy ready-made.

  6. I love seeing the process of your creative effort...the choices you made from the goods at hand that resulted in a wonderful heart warming home welcoming card, Clare. Thanks for posting! xx

  7. I too loved seeing the process:)) I have recently started with papercraft as well, and I am always looking for inspiration and new ideas:) Hope to see more posts like this one; the card looks great!

  8. A really lovely design, I'm sure she will love it. x

  9. What a pretty card! I also loved the little scrabble tiles, they are perfect here.

  10. What a great handmade card. I'm sure your friend will love it.