Thursday, 16 July 2015

Little Stitchy Hedgehog

Hello........ Today it's a day in bed for me here at the Summerhouse, recovering after a very long day yesterday, so a lot of resting but I also needed something easy and crafty to pass the time.

I had a hospital appointment yesterday and in order to get up to Surrey we had to tackle this, everyone local to me in Kent with realise this is what they call 'Operation Stack' when the motorways and main roads of Kent turn into one giant lorry park, every time there is a problem at the Port or the Channel Tunnel, the motorway is closed and you just have miles and miles of lorries, I feel so sorry for the lorry drivers and everyone else trying to use the roads

In the end the round trip took us nearly seven hours, no wonder I feel so wiped out, but at least the Immunologist had a few ideas of things we can try to hopefully make me feel as bit better, I'm just a little concerned at the mo that it will involve me being let loose with a syringe.

So today called for a little bit of low energy crafting while I'm in bed, this little kit which came free with September 2014's Crafts Beautiful magazine was just the thing.  You can find the templates  'here'
 other than that it's just felt, thread and a pompom.

The kit has several things you could make but I opted for this little hedgehog who I'm hoping will feel right at home on my Autumn time wreath.

First up I cut out the pieces

Then started to stitch on the eye, instead of a french knot I decided to opted for eyelashes as this is a little lady hedgehog.

 I also decided to add a pompom nose, as every self respecting hedgehog need a good snuffly snout. 

 Next up it was time to start stitching on the prickles,

then the face onto the main part of the body, 

before finishing off with some v shaped prickles.

then all that was left to do was to sew on the pompom nose, (so cute)


Here she is snoozing in the leaves, patiently waiting until it's time to put the Autumn time Wreath back up.

Hopefully she will make a very cute addition.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Hi Clare, I do feel sorry for the poor lorry drivers and everyone else having to put up with the stacking on the motorway but especially for you when you are not feeling 100%. Your crafting project was a nice reward for you after that ordeal. Your Autumn wreath is gorgeous - my fav colours! I have that magazine and hadn't intended to use the felt for their projects, but you made it look so sweet this has to go on my list of "to do's". Hope you don't need to use a syringe. Take care of yourself. Barbara xx

  2. What a sweet edition to your wreath :) nice to have some creatures to add a bit of character x

  3. Hospital appointments are tough especially if you have to travel. I have to go to London from Sussex and it tends to wipe me for a while too. I hope you soon recover, the journeys sound horrible. Hopefully you won't have to use the syringe but if you do hopefully it will soon become second nature :-) Onto more cheerful things, the hedgehog is super cute :-)

  4. Of course she will make a great addition to the wreath!
    The traffic sounds horrific! Driving seven hours and seeing a doctor sounds like an exhausting day. Glad you were able to rest!

  5. That sweet little hedgehog is perfect for your wreath. So sorry you had to do all that traveling for your appointment.

  6. She is so cute, Clare, and I think she will look right at home on your pretty wreath [my favorite colors by the way :) ] I'm hoping the appointment will result in you feeling better...especially after such a long trek! xx

  7. A wonderful addition to your wreath. Wow, that was a long trek for the appointment, hopefully it will be worth it and you will feel a little better.

  8. Your little hedgie is so cute and will be perfect for your wreath!!!! I hope that the lengthy day works out to give some good results. xx

  9. Oh, Clare, she is a darling. Love her colors and little nose.

  10. I love the colors of your wreath and I'm sure the hedgehog will feel right at home! Hope that the new ideas from the doctor are a bit of a help with out too much extra hasel and shots.