Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Open Garden

Hello... Last week we went to visit a wonderful wildlife garden,  not too far from the Summerhouse

Some friends have been opening up there Studio and garden to raise funds for Cancer research over the past few weeks and my, the visitors to the garden have been in for a real treat. The garden is set out with lovely mown walkways, perfect to amble around on a Summers day.

With a beautiful wildflower meadow to one side of the garden.

Everywhere you looked was just picture perfect.

With wonderful art to look at in the Studio, music and poetry, I even took my guitar along and played a few songs, while enjoying a nice cuppa, yes there were refreshment too.

There were lots of places to sit in the garden, so it was perfect for me, as I could rest for a while.

With intriguing archways leading through to yet more wonderful planting, wild flowers and summer fruits. So much colour.

Just stunning

such a feast for the eyes.

I dread to think how much work this amount of wonderment takes, it for sure puts the Summerhouse garden to shame.

So pretty and wildlife must love it, a paradise for bee's and they for sure need all the help they can get these days.

Back on the patio surrounded by a huge variety of container veg and these wonderful hanging strawberries, there was just enough time for a few more songs and a lovely piece of chocolate cake, (which turned out to be dairy free, so perfect for me) before it was time to head home.

Music, Art, Poetry and a Wildlife garden what more could you want on a Summers afternoon.

Clare xx


  1. Indeed, it doesn't get any better than that. The garden looked beautiful, a real paradise.

  2. What a beautiful garden!! A wonderful place to spend an afternoon for sure! xx

  3. What a gorgeous garden.
    Marianne x

  4. So beautiful, there must have been so much loving care poured into that garden, a wonderful place for a summer wander! x

  5. Thanks so much for posting, Clare! I would love for my garden to look like that, but it is sparse in comparison. I 'm so glad you were able to enjoy it and fill it with some of your music as well. Wishing you more happy summer days :) xx

  6. Such a pretty garden, the perfect way to spend an afternoon :) And get you, bringing your guitar along - too cool!

  7. What a beautiful garden, Clare. Your friends have really done a good job with it. I love the idea of a wildflower meadow. I think that would be my favorite part. I'm glad you had a chance to play your music there, it must have been a wonderful time for everyone.

  8. Gorgeous garden and perfect weather to enjoy it in :)

  9. Gorgeous garden and perfect weather to enjoy it in :)

  10. Gorgeous garden and perfect weather to enjoy it in :)