Saturday, 25 July 2015

Cosy Stripe catch up

Hello.......... It's been a little while since I posted about my Cosy blanket so I thought I'd best do a Stripy update.

I'm slowly working on it, in fact this week I've done quite a bit (for me anyway).  As sods law would have it, I've managed to pick up a nasty cold the week before we are due to go away on holiday.  The irony that the only place I've been to pick up a virus, is the Immunologists is not lost on me.

Really not good news as colds tend to linger with me and cause relapses. So I've not been the happiest of bunnies, the last few days, I'm taking loads of vitamin c and garlic and resting up as much as I can.  Which has been the perfect opportunity to snuggle up under my Cosy Blanket while adding a few rows.

So much so, my Seaside Pebble blanket has now got to the half way point, at about half the size of a double bed.

I'm still very much in love with all the sparkle, it's tricky to get a pic but here it is in the evening when the lights are on, how it twinkles and how different it looks in different lights.

Oh the lovely, lovely stripes, these tones really represent the seaside to me the water, pebbles, sand, sea foam, driftwood and sea glass, I can see it all in the blanket.

 I'm loving how it changes row by row, I'm still picking at random as I go, except for the browns and blues which are occurring in a sequence which is involving way to much maths for my liking, but as they are the colours that pop, I hope by doing this I'm adding some balance to blanket as a whole.

(Please mind the gap, not sure whats up with blogger, anyroad)

So next up we have Stone, which I'm using sparingly, every 24 th row (ish) as I'm not overly keen on the yellowness it brings, so just a bit sand on the beach here and there.  Then I'm going for the blue sparkle.

So to get you up to date with the colours if you are following along.

87-88 Silver
89-90 White Sparkle
91-92 Cream
93-94 Stone
95-96 Blue Sparkle

I'm using Lucy's Attic24 Cosy Stripe pattern

This will be my last post for a week or so as we're off to Pembrokeshire the middle of next week, I'm really looking forward to see some stunning scenery and the beaches, I just hope my energy levels hold up.

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Happy Crafting
Clare xx


  1. Your blanket is lovely - those colours are sooo soothing...:) I love the added sparkle too! Hope you have a lovely holiday and be sure to keep an eye out for Mr Darcy:)

    1. Thanks Annie, I'm always on the look out for Mr Darcy ;)
      Clare x

  2. Lol at the gap! My blogger does that too sometimes. I love this blanket so much, it reminds me of Cornwall beaches which we will be visiting soon so I hope we all have happy holidays xxx

  3. Lol at the gap! My blogger does that too sometimes. I love this blanket so much, it reminds me of Cornwall beaches which we will be visiting soon so I hope we all have happy holidays xxx

  4. You Seaside Pebble blanket is coming along beautifully. I just love the name Seaside Pebble. It makes me want to put your side of the world on my travel bucket list. Have a great holiday!

  5. Your Seaside Pebble blanket has me seeing the sea as well, Clare :) I love the pattern; and the colors and sparkle are just right. I am packing up to go camping at the beach for a week with some of my adult kids and I can hardly wait to leave tomorrow! I started sneezing yesterday with a bit of an irritated throat so have been downing some crystallized ginger, drinking lots of tea and trying to get good sleep so I can enjoy the week and not pass along a cold to anyone. I hope you will throw off the cold quickly, will not have a relapse, and will have a fabulous time on vacation!!! xx

  6. It is a real feast for the eyes, beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful break away and are well enough to enjoy it.

  7. Those colors are so calming and soothing I hope they have helped you to feel better. Bless your heart I am keeping my fingers crossed your recovery is quick.

  8. That's coming along beautifully. The colours really do speak of the sea, they are so soothing. I hope you're feeling better now and that you're having a great time away. x

  9. It looks gorgeous! Very seaside and I love the sparkle!! You can really see it now that it is getting bigger. Hope you get over the cold very soon! xx

  10. Those colors really do evoke the seaside. It is going to be amazing when it's done.
    I hope that this cold will not linger so that you have a perfect holiday.

  11. Every time I see this I think how much I love the colours! x

  12. Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the way you've spaced them just right. The sparkles really make it come together perfectly.

  13. Oh it's lovely and yes i can totally see the beach in it - all the sand and sea and sky! I hope it helped see off the cold extra quickly and you have a wonderful holiday :)

  14. I love the colour combination. It really captures the beautiful coastal tones and hues. Hope you start to feel better soon too :)

  15. I really has a very "beachy" feel to it. Very nice!

  16. the blanket looks amazing. sorry you are sick

  17. So beautiful - the colours are just so perfect. Hope you are feeling better really soon.

  18. Oh this is beautiful, i love the colours, especially the glittery effect, wonderful!

  19. Your blanket is looking gorgeous. Hope you're feeling better Clare.
    Marianne x

  20. I love the colours in the cozy blanket, I'm visiting from Yarn Along

  21. Such wonderful colours, I hope your fears are proved wrong and you fight off your cold and have a wonderful holiday.

  22. have a wonderful week away and I hope you shake youre cold. This blanket is DIVINE I love the way it looks so so very much :) so happy I clicked on your link from Ginny's link up, its just such a wonderful blanket I could stare at it all day :) will be such a marvel when it's finished well done!
    jenny xx

  23. Wow it's beautiful - especially like the spangly rows - they make me think of bits of sea glass.

  24. Your blanket is so pretty. Yes it definitely brings to mind the beach...sand and water.

  25. What a beautiful blanket! It does indeed look like the sea 😊

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds