Monday, 13 July 2015

Mindfulness Photography : Senses

Hello...... A couple of weeks ago I took part in another Mindfulness Photography project over on facebook which I thought I would also share on here. So the brief was...

'I have a new challenge for you, whilst still being 'mindful' I'm challenging us to use our 5 traditional senses this time....i notice that with our type of restricting illnesses our senses are often heightened, whether through our general sensitivity or through the fact that we can be shut away for long periods and then when we go out certain things can be a shock to our systems....  so, 5 photos, 5 senses, try to show us a smell, a sight, a sound, a touch and a taste, that you love'

 Suffering with ME/Chronic Lyme disease and POTS has really really messed with some of my senses, as mentioned in the description above, I have a very heighten sense of smell, which you might think is a good thing like a super power but it's really not, it's left me with MCS multiple chemical sensitivities, plus not only can I smell nice smells the bad ones are extra smelly too. I'm also sensitive to sound and light, I can't look at a bright blue sky or white wall without seeing what I describe as sparkles, like falling flashing glitter in my field of vision, it's another mystery no one really knows.. the optician thinks it's something happening between my eyes and brain, my GP said it's where I'm housebound so much, who knows just one of the great mysteries of these illnesses.

So here goes ...........

First up we have Smell this rose is in the front garden and is just stunning, with a beautiful scent, it's over 40 years old now and is just perfect with it's velvety petals.

Next up we have Sound, some of you may know I'm a bit of a singer/songwriter I write British folk and Americana music which I sometimes perform too if I'm well enough at a local folk night. I play guitar, mandolin and I've just started to learn the Ukulele.  I'd love to do more with it but my healths just not up to it at the moment, so I have to miss out on a lot of things, recently I was invited to go and play in France in September but I'm not well enough to manage it.

Most days you will find music here at the Summerhouse, something quite low and quiet, as I struggle a bit with loud stuff these days.

Next up we have Touch and our lovely Dylan, at the moment we are spending a lot of time caring for this lovely boy, he's old and not in the best of health, so we are just loving him while we have him with us. Being part persian he has the softest two tone coat, brown on the top but if you part his fur he's all white and fluffy underneath.

Sight, I love to be in nature which is tricky these days and I love flowers too, which if you're a regular follower you will probably already know.  So our visit to a local wildlife garden a couple of weeks ago was a true feast for the eyes.

Finally we have Taste something else effected by this illness, with lots of allergies and intolerance and as of last year a wobbly pancreas I have to be really be careful of what I eat. So I tend to eat a very clean and healthy diet, this was a lunch,  mackerel salad with lemon and apple cider dressing. 

So yummy.

Well that's about it, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, what five things would you pick for the senses.

Clare xx


  1. What a lovely post, and lovely senses. I'd love to learn the Ukulele one day, it's a wonderful instrument :) and the salad looks yummy. Dylan looks very cute and soft, animals are so comforting :)

  2. What a great post, the summer really does tantalize the senses with so many beautiful sights and smells in the garden, add the early morning birdsong and you have perfection.

  3. Such a great post Clare :) I can smell that rose :) I can't tolerate loud music or anything else loud for that matter, I love the sound of silence these days :)

  4. What a good idea. Lovely photos. :-)

  5. Hi Clare, A great post ! Yes, I felt I could smell that rose! It looks very similar to my "Birthday" rose, although mine is a new plant of an old variety. I don't like loud music these days either, preferring to be able to hear the birdsong outside my window. How beautiful that wildlife garden is! Dylan looks so sweet! Your salad looks lovely, although as a vegetarian I'd miss out the fish and maybe have some hummus - not sure about that spelling! I'm sorry to read about your problems with your illness. As it is overcast here today I'm hoping the weather is not affecting you too badly! Barbara xx

  6. What a good idea, Clare! Your photos reflect the senses beautifully...and I feel like I can smell the rose, too :) xx

  7. You are so right to point out that we need to use all our senses in mindfulness. When I took a seminar this past spring, the teachers talked a lot about using our various senses to focus attention.