Monday, 16 December 2013

Wintertime Wreath : Ribbon Flowers

Hello......... today I thought I'd share with you these little ribbon flowers that I have been making for my Wintertime wreath, they are really quick and easy to make, all you need is ribbon and some cute little buttons.

I got the idea for these cute little flower from February's issue of Making magazine, to tell you the truth that's why I bought the magazine as there was a ribbon flower wreath on the cover and I was in the midst of making my Springtime wreath at the time, I knew I had to get a copy. I planned to make some back then but just ran out of time.

So I just  had to make some when I decided to make a Wintertime wreath. I made mine using three 8cm length of ribbon laid out as above.

 then working on the reverse you just stitch through the centre to hold the ribbons in place

Before you fold each ribbon into the centre and stitch to form the petals

Then you just have to find a cute button to cover up the stitches and form the centre of the flower

and stitch it into place Ta-Dah

That's it's, job done, I told you they were quick and easy, so they are perfect for this busy time of year, it also helps if you have a feline crafting assistant supervising, as they do love all thing ribbon.!!

As I said mine are destined for my wintertime wreath, but I think they would look perfect on gifts, cards and gift tags.

Well that's it for today, I still have the dreaded lurgy and a ever growing to do list, we are so far behind, but I refused to get stressed about it,  I have to confess we don't even have any decorations up yet eek, never mind we'll get there in the end.

Happy Crafting 
Clare xx


  1. I love the little ribbon flowers and I'm glad you have such a great assistant :)

  2. Oh those are soooo cute!! I love that your cat was assisting, Jess loves to help me out from time to time!

    Hope you get rid of the lurgy soon, and get things done!! Such a busy time of the year!

  3. They're very sweet, I love the way they look with a button sewn on.

  4. Thanks for sharing the "how to," Clare. I have never been very good tying ribbons, but I think I could do this :) Wishing you well xx

  5. They are lovely Clare, thank you for posting about them.

  6. So sweet and simple, they'd be lovely on hair clips too!
    Hope you're feeling better

  7. Sweet. simple and stunning. Thank you for sharing Clare. I hope you are feeling better.

  8. These are really sweet Clare, I am definitely going to try this at some point in the future. Hope you are feeling better lovely xoxo

  9. These ribbon flowers look so cute esp if you have made lots of them and look at the different colors. I also liked your previous project of Alice in water colors! Very well done!