Monday, 23 December 2013

December : Pick and mix

Hello it's pick and mix time again, so help yourself to a chocolate as here are this months little bits and bobs of Summerhouse living.

The view from the window:

This month the view is looking very wintry with frosty rooftop, yet the gorgeous Autumnal colours are still hanging in there, oh how those trees cheer my heart.

Things I made and things I love

December means it's time to unpack all things Christmassy, some things I've made over the past year like these crocheted snowflake decorations made for the tree and as gifts last year

and my little felt Strawbug not a fully a Christmas decoration, but I think there will be space for it on the tree, you can read about how I made it 'here'

and then some things that I just love and treasure, like this gorgeous angel candle that I just bare to light it's so serene

and this little angel, who holds a very dear place in my heart, she's only tiny and one of a pair, (she was originally a earring) but now she spends every Christmas time hanging on my dressing table mirror. She and her twin were bought to decorate my  Dad 's little Christmas tree when he was terminally ill in hospital.  It was a tiny little real tree and of course it needed a angel for the top and this little angle was the perfect size for the job. 

It's hard to believe, this is the forth year since we lost Dad, so December has it's sad times too here at the Summerhouse,  so we lit a candle on Tuesday, talked about our memories of you and ate Walnut Whips (his favourite) to remember you Dad.

Then of course there is the wire work fairy, who I love so much she hangs on the blossom tree in my room all year round, but is at her most magical at Christmas time.

Out in the garden:

Just look at the colour hard to believe all this is flowering still, it cheers the heart on a winters day, see I told you the other week, we still had roses in bloom, I'm not going to say anymore just let them speak for themselves.

There is winteriness too, I  gathered some of this in on the solstice last weekend.

Fairy Things:

Here at the Summerhouse there are fearie things afoot, yes all the supply are sitting together ready for my next make, just waiting for a little bit of time to begin things, can you guess what it's going to be?

Another recent make is this cute little felt birdie that I made last week for the wintertime wreath. I simply cute out a little bird shape and a tiny fabric wing and then added a cute button eye, (that was upcycled from a old pair of PJ's) Then all I had to do was add a little stuffing and blanket stitch my birdie together. 

 Now I'm think I need to make a whole heap of these birds in different colours to hang on my blossom tree. How cute would they look amongst the blossom. Maybe a project for the new year.

Tiny Tabbies:

Over the past week the Summerhouse craft supplies and breakables have been pack away as some very special Christmas guests are coming to stay.  Yep these two little cuties will be coming to stay over the holiday. They are however slightly larger now than in this picture which was taken for a calender I made for there owner, when they were kittens, but I'm so looking forward to seeing them again. Not long to wait now, for tabbies as well as Santa to visit.

Just before I go I thought I share with you this little joke gift I got for 'P's' stocking tee hee
yay for chocolate Brussel sprouts.

Not long to wait now.
Clare xx


  1. I'm amazed at how much colour you still have in the garden! I'm guessing you're going to make a fairy wand? I love all your little fairies and angels :) I've bought some of those sprouts for my son - he hates veggies so can't wait to see his reaction. My mother loved walnut whips too, I think of her whenever I see them. Hope you'll take some pictures of the grown-up Rock Star cats for us?

    Wishing you a good Christmas xxx

  2. What a lot of lovely memories and makes. I've really enjoyed this post and thank you for sharing. I love your little angel earring she just exudes joy and I love that you had a walnut whip sharing time with your family. The little blue birdie is very striking and I love the chocolate sprouts and just cant think why no one came up with these before!

    Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the bedlam that goes with the kitties as well as the cuddles!

  3. Have a very Happy Christmas and a happy new year. Deb x

  4. Thanks for posting, Clare. I enjoyed learning about some of the treasures in your life. My husband died four years ago and I am grateful for the good memories I have of him as you are of good memories of your dad. I hope you and yours have a happy Christmas celebration. cc