Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013: Year in review : part one

Hello... So there's not much left of 2013, over the past few days I've been looking back through the photo archives.  I think this time of year makes you more reflective looking back at what has passed. I know some say you should only look forward but it's been great fun looking back through the photo's from my first year of blogging and making some monthly mosaics. 

Here's the first six months of the year in photo form, I made a mini one for January before I started this blog as it seemed weird not to have a January. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and I also wanted to say thank you for all the friendship and support you have offered me this year.


January was mostly about snow and crocheted flowers, it was a new year resolution to try make a crocheted wreath, to celebrate the Spring.  I also started making my Purple leaf cushion which I'm ashamed to say is still not finished.



February, saw the first signs of Spring in the garden, the start of my little blog and lots of different crafts from yarniness to card make. The Summerhouse was set up again as my crafting shed after being packed away at Christmas time.


March was Spring flowers galore outside and in, with a rush to try and get the Springtime wreath finished to celebrate the equinox, I didn't quite make it but I did get it finished in time for Easter.

Here it is my first ever big crochet project completed learning as I went, I really enjoyed the whole wreath making process, with Roses, Primroses Daffodils, blooms and blossom.


April saw birthday trips out and crocheted flower brooches made for a giveaway as well as a charity auction and my favourite time of the year Easter, I think I love it more than Christmas. Plus lots of fun was had making a cute felt Strawberry and a Whale, the first item towards the craft club exhibition.


  Such a late Spring we had this year with late snow delaying the flowers, yes we had Tulips in May as well as the glorious wisteria in bloom.  May also saw several trips out in search of Bluebells that were very behind schedule. There was lots of yarniness with granny pennants made for yarndale and papercrafts, all thing birdie from cards,to felt birdies for bunting and a charity bird brooch made to raise funds for 'Ovacome'

June :


  June, wonderful June brought the Roses back to the Summerhouse garden, with lots of Birthday's needing lots of Handmade cards. A Mad Hatter make, for the craft club exhibition, and  a rice crispy robot from the moon. More brooches, bunting and granny squares and time spent out in the garden again, and at last after much waiting I finally found a sea of gorgeous bluebells in the woods.

Well that the first six months then, I've loved making and looking at the mosaics, with so much wonderful colour everywhere, I'll be back soon with the rest of the year in review, I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures.

 Just before I go I've shared a  video review of the year that google made for me, all the images picked randomly by them, of happening here at the Summerhouse. Hopefully it will play OK

See you soon
Clare xx


  1. Hello Clare, thank you so much for sharing your pictures and video of the first half of the year - I look forward to the second part.

  2. Yes, thanks and me too :) I have not tried to figure out how to make mosaics but I love your work, Clare! xx

  3. You've had a beautiful, busy and full year! I love all your makes. I hope you're feeling well today. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Oh looks like such a beautiful year so far, lots of lovely photographs :)

  5. What a year its been lovely photos its so nice to see them all together x