Friday, 6 December 2013

Three Things 32/52

Hello....... lookie lookie google made it snow !!!!!! this alone made me so happy, when I uploaded my photos for this post.  Yes  It's year of Happy Time again so here are this weeks 'three things'

Number one:

 I spotted this pair out of the window on Sunday afternoon, it was a gloomy day, just as dusk was about to fall..

I was thrilled to see them perched together they nested in this tree in the Spring time so I was over the moon to see them still together. Two for Joy!!

It wasn't long before they we off to roost for the night, so I feel very lucky to have taken these shots.

Number two:

It's becoming a little bit festive here at the Summerhouse, we don't usually put the decorations up until later in the month, but little bits are creeping in, I love to light the advent candle everyday.

Plus I get to listen to some Christmas music, folk style of course!!! So the other day I dug out my Kate Rusby Christmas CD's the perfect antidote to this stormy weather we've been having.

Rain is lashing against the windows and the winds howling, but I don't mind so much.  Just keeping my fingers crossed for the town as there might be a storm surge tonight with the high tide, the biggest in 30 years for this area.  Well I guess we'll get to see if the new sea defences work. I hope everyone fairing OK in the storm.

Number three:

This week is yay for good post days, so exciting to get parcels in the post. These were very special blog swap parcels from Marianne's Christmas decoration swap, yippee.  I was partnered with Ginny over at Crafting not cleaning and she sent me the most gorgeous parcels, wrapped in this lovely snowflake tissue paper.  Do you want a peek inside ?

Lookie what she made for me, this gorgeous Mr Gingerbread man decoration, with his fab buttons and smiley face.

and a really pretty notebook so lovely, I do love a bit of stationary.

But then.......... this morning another little parcel turned up, wrapped in the same gorgeous paper. With more gorgeous festive delights.....

A wonderful hand stitched Christmas tree with gorgeous fabric front and felt back and a super cute button and a cute spotty hand warmer.

 So a huge thank you to Ginny for making these for me they will be treasured and a another thank you to Marianne for arranging this great swap. I really have found blogland to be the most wonderful friendly place, so lovely to think that strangers with similar interests are happily crafting away making gifts for one another, what's not to make you smile there.

Here they are together my cute little tree and and Smiley Ginger bread man, I can't wait to pop them on the tree when we decorate.

Well that the happy for this week and what a wonderful lot of happy it was.

Clare xx


  1. Lovely gifts, thanks for sharing x

  2. Wonderful swap gifts, I just love them. And I am totally in love with your picture of the tree and snow, I feel like I am in a Happy Potter movie with the moving picture.

    1. Thanks Meredith, I love it too. x

  3. Oh, I love your snowy pic! And I love your little swap decs too - that gingerbread man is just too sweet :-)
    Hope you fared ok with the storm surge, I've just been watching the news and seen all the damage which is awful. Take care and have a happy weekend,

    1. Hi Gilly, the town was lucking it wasn't as bad as expected, although a couple of nearby towns were evacuated and had some flooding, at least everyone ok, just feel for the people who's houses were flooded xx

  4. What nice happy things. The swap gifts are lovely, this looks like it was a great swap for everyone. Good luck with the weather, stay warm and dry.

  5. Thanks for sharing your happiness and Google snow with us, Clare! I am smiling at you with appreciation :)
    Gracie xx

  6. What lovely decorations! And I do love seeing two magpies, too! Chrissie x

  7. I love the snowy tree photo, so pretty! And what a fantastic idea for a swap, Christmas decorations. The gingerbread man is just adorable :)

  8. Very cute decorations Clare. I love how Google made it snow HeHe. The magpie photos are lovely well captured xx

  9. Hello lovey Clare loving that google snow photo, it sure looks very Christmassy! How lucky to see two magpies, I mean two, it surely is meant to bring joyful tidings. I love your pretty swap and that gingerbread man is so cute as it the very lovely tree, I am sure you are going to love hanging them on your tree this year. I haven't heard of Kare Rusby before so as soon as I have finished catching up on blog reading I am going to have a little listen on youtube, thanks for sharing! xoxo

  10. Such lovely swap decorations! I am really glad you enjoying taking part.
    Marianne x

  11. Glad they arrived safely and that you liked them! X