Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Work in Progress Wednesday

Hello........... How are you? Today I thought I'd write a bit of a catch up post, as well life seems to be one big work in progress at the moment and I guess that's what it should be.

My crafting assistants are growing up fast, well I think they are every time someone comes to the house they say how much they have grown, being here with them every day we're not noticing it so much.  They are bundles of fun and full of energy so not a lot of crafting is getting done.

I did manage a tiny bit at the weekend as I went over to stay at my sisters, above is Monty on the top of my bag, it was either a case of 'don't leave' or 'can I come too'.

 While there I took the opportunity to do a little crochet.

Working on my Rainbow Drops Blanket.

Here's a pic of our little Alfie, aka (piglet) who is smaller than his brother but catching up fast, he eats twice as much as the other one.

The crystals I selected for this week are a mix of blues and green, so pretty, blue is mostly linked to the throat chakra and green the heart.

Mostly I've been carrying around this blue chalcedony, it's such a pretty colour I knew it had to be in the mix this week as I had a dream about this very stone, shape, colour a exact match, I'd forgotten I even had it, I have several storage crates containing crystals, so in the morning I went and had a look and found it there.  Weird but I'm going with it.

So craft assistant Alfie asks 'What you Doing'

Well, as you know not to much at the moment but I do have this lovely charm pack that I'm hoping to turn into a table runner when I get a mo, I'm hoping to have a play around with the colour and layout today, when you pair are having a sleep.

Aww they are so cute when they are sleeping.

Alfie even likes  to hold onto you're thumb while alseep, which is lovely but sure does slows down the crocheting.

What are you making at the mo ?

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Your "crafting assistants" are very sweet. Just look at that little paw! I can imagine that it would be difficult to get things done with two active kitties though. I also love your crochet blanket.Those colors are so soothing.

  2. The fabric and of course the kitten are both gorgeous. Jo x

  3. Your crafting assistants are a delight.

  4. Your blanket and your assistants are delightful to see. I can't quite imagine how you are making your looks very difficult to me, and I admire your skill and artistry, Clare. xx

  5. Look at those sweet faces! Love your new crochet. HUgs to you.

  6. Lovely to catch up with you. Your blanket is looking really good

  7. I hope you are alright.xx

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