Monday, 2 October 2017

Throat Chakra Mandala

Hello Lovlies....

I'm sorry its been so long since my last post its been a bit of a time of it here at the Summerhouse.  'P' who is my full time carer had a stroke at the beginning of July. It was thankfully mild but never the less a Stroke and is taking some time to recover from.

With everything and my health already so much weaker this year, for the first time in 28 years of chronic illness, we had to ask for some outside help,  as I just couldn't manage alone while 'P' was in hospital.  I hated asking for help but after I collapsed at the washing line, my sister knew something had to be done.  

Sadly we live in Kent where you can only access adult social care via something called the Enablement Service,  not ideal for someone struggling with a chronic illness that means the more you push them the sicker they get.  The six weeks of Enablement I received from this service pushed me further into relapse and made me sicker than I've ever been, hopefully it has not caused permanent damage to my health I guess only time will tell, after quite a battle some care is now in place but it's really not ideal.  

Any how, that's another story and I really don't want to bring you all down.  With everything, not much crafting has been happening around here, although over the summer I did slowly make a new mandala to display my crystals on by my bed.

I can't really tell you how I made the mandala, as I kind of just made it up as I went along,

I can say that I had lots of help from my new crafting assistants, (we're still working on the rule about not playing with the yarn)

But over the weeks

round by round my little mandala grew

I selected colours to represent different crystals.

Working on the mandala from bed when I had a little energy to spare.

Until Ta-Dah it was finished.

It felt so good to achieved this little make, a glimmer of normality in the darkness.

I'm calling it my Throat Chakra Mandala because the colour blue is associated with the throat, the yarn colours were chosen to represent the above crystals. in order left to right we have Blue Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Aquamarine and Turquoise.

Middle row contains Sodalite, Blue laced Chalcedony, opalite, blue howlite

The last row contains, Lapis Lazuli, quartz, celestite and white howlite.

Which one is you're favourite???

Such lovely calming hues of blue.

As you can see I've been putting it to good use already

Happy Crafting

Clare xx

As for the Crafting Assisitants,well they are growing up fast, they are nearly six months now and cute as buttons.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your carer, wishing her a speedy recovery. I am also saddened by the lack of support people with chronic illness and disability receive. On a lighter note I loved your mandala and crystals, the beautiful hues of blue were a delight and such a clever design.

  2. I have been wondering why you haven't been blogging.So good to see you back but so sorry about the rotten time you have had.Fingers crossed things are on the up.x

  3. Hi no one should have to suffer like that in the UK, it is shameful. Well done for pushing through, nice to see you post again. x

  4. Claire, I wish you all the best. So sorry you have had a turn for the worse with the caregiver issue.

  5. Goodness me you've had a bad time of it. Collapsing at the washing line, really not good. Hope you're ok, I mean I know you're not, but you know what I mean. And sorry to hear about P's stroke, that must have been awful, for her obviously, but for you too. But its good to see you back.
    Your mandala is lovely, I love the crystals too, but especially I love the crafting assistants! Soooooo cute!

  6. Claire, that all sounds very stressful. I hope that crafting brings you some happiness. Jo x