Thursday, 1 June 2017

Cornucopia Corner

Hello........  Today I thought I'd share with details of a new feature I'm am thinking of bringing to the blog.  I had thought about settling up a completely new blog called 'Cornucopia Corner' but with my health being so poor I just don't think I have the energy, so for now I think I'm just going to trial it out at the Summerhouse, after all the Summerhouse by the sea is about my life and every day goings on.

So what are these posts going to be about, well all sorts things really, Mind Body and Spirit, things that I find helpful with my healing journey, well being posts, meditation, Food, and Spiritual matters.

I'm still going to continue with the usual Summerhouse stuff,  I appreciate this might not be every ones cup of tea or reason for visiting the Summerhouse, so I'd love to hear you're thoughts and comments on this,  but for now what I'll do is always add Cornucopia Corner to the title of relevant posts, so if you want to you can skip over them.

You see for the past year I've been on a bit of Spiritual journey, that as of yet I'm still struggling to understand,  I've not really spoken about it on here, although I have share a few pics over on instagram.  So it would be great to talk about it here a little more.

 Finally why Cornucopia Corner, well my answer is I'm not entirely sure !!  the name and image came to me during meditation and when I looked up it's meaning....

'An abundant supply of good things'

Well it seemed kind of perfect.
Clare xx



  1. I'm interested to hear of your journey. Such beautiful photos!

  2. I'm interested to learn more of your journey, too, Clare. The flower photos are lovely! xx

  3. I think it is perfect to share here Claire, I can't wait to walk on this journey with you. I am trying to return to meditation and I am always trying to grow in my spiritual path, so you might just help me along. GOod luck.