Friday, 9 June 2017

Cornucopia Corner- This weeks crystals

Hello..... I thought I'd start off my first Cornucopia Corner post with a post about Crystals.  Well they are just the loveliest little treasure from the earth.  I tend to select some crystals each week for there healing and energetic qualities.  

I'm not a qualified Crystal Therapist (maybe one day ) but I have had a interest in them for years now and have acquired quite a collection, last year I started working with them again, anyone who follows me over on instagram with have noticed I post a Crystal picture most weeks like the one below.

So lots of  people have asked how I select the crystals I work with each week, well mostly I select them through doing a guided meditation, which is working really well so far. Sometime I'll add in any other crystals I'm particularly drawn too.

Yesterday I did a meditation and first main colour and crystal that came up was  Amethyst, which is the central crystal in the layout above, other crystals that came up were Prehnite a crystal that I seem to be strongly drawn too, you'll see it come up a lot over the weeks, then we have, Aquamarine, Malachite, Turquoise, white Howlite, red Carnelian, Tigers eye and Rose quartz.

So first up this week we have lovely Amethyst.  Who doesn't love a bit purple, it's a great all round healing stone, boosting hormones and tuning the endocrine system as well as cleansing and boosting the immune system.  It's a very protective stone and on a more subtle level it balances out mind body and spirit.   It is thought to help spiritual wisdom opening up intuition and enhancing psychic gifts it's a great one to hold during meditation.

Next we have Malachite, Aquamarine and Prehnite


As a green crystal is linked to the heart, it's a very grounding stone it's good for balancing female hormones and is sometimes called the midwifes stone.  It's a good one for me this week as it helps with vertigo and arthritis, swollen joints, it also aids the pancreas and parathyroid and immune system calming acidification of the tissues, so I guess you could say it a bit of a anti inflammatory.


Oh it's just sooo pretty, it's also a very calming stone, it's link to the throat and I guess that's why it came up for me this week as I have terrible hayfever and tonsil trouble, it's very calming to the immune system so good in calming autoimmune conditions and I have plenty of those.

It's another good one to meditate with, it can sharpen intuition and also help clear any emotional blocks we have, promoting self expression. 


Is useful in diagnosis getting to the root of things, it's helpful in blood disorder and gout !!! repairing the connective tissues of the body.  It's a good stone for clearing and decluttering and can help seal the auric field.  I find it to be a very calming stone, and I just love the pretty green colour my one is.  It's a very spiritual stone and is also good for strengthening life force and energy, I knew there was a reason I was drawn to it, another good one to pop under your pillow as helps with dreams.


Is a great healing stone, good for the immune system reducing excess acid so good for the stomach and joints,  being greeny/blue it is linked to the throat but also works great with the third eye and solar plexus, it's great for meditation and dispelling negative energy in our environment.  

Red Adventurine

Is very energising strengthening the blood and calming autoimmune conditions it's a good one for lethargy it's linked to the base chakra so it's about bringing in energy

Tiger Eye

I guess this one was thrown into the mix for a bit of grounding all this meditation can make you a bit floaty, on a healing level it heals the throat. It's a good one for self worth and helping blocked creativity.

Rose Quartz.

It's all about love really, love and peace we could all do with some of that.  It's strengthen the heart, and is another good one for vertigo.  If you're heart need easing Rose Quartz is the one for you.

So that's this weeks stones I hope I've not bored you too much, so this is how I tend to use them, they sit by my bed and I use different stones as and when maybe putting some in my pocket all day or holding them during meditation. Another thing I always like to do is wear jewellery with the stones, I've selected for the week.

 With crystals it's important to cleanse and dedicate them to yourself so they are tuned into just you, but I think that might be a post in itself,  they are also all linked to the various energy centres within the body (chakra) but that's another one for later.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this first post please leave a comment if you have.

Clare xx

This is not meant as medical advice


  1. THis was very interesting, I really know nothing about crystals so I appreciate your knowledge. They are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful and fascinating!
    I am going through quite a few health issues, so I'm going to look into this when I get back from my trip.

    1. Sorry to hear, you are struggling with health issuses at the mo xx

  3. Hi Clare, this was interesting. I'd be interested to know more about the chakras

  4. Through the years I have collected various crystals because I think they are so pretty and now am curious how they have come to be associated with influencing wellness. I chose an aquamarine stone for my engagement ring and have worn it for 46 years! xx