Friday, 19 May 2017

Pixie House Bag

Hello............... Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but this year has not been going so great for me health wise.  Never less I'm here to share a bit of crafty goodness today.  This is another of the items I made for our craft clubs exhibition back in February, I can't believe it's now May and it's taken me so long to get around to sharing this make with you.

For this make I decided to decorate a calico shopping bag, with a cute little toadstool house, the template for the house comes from 'Doodle Stitching' by Aimee Ray, the book comes with a handy CD with all the Motifs on and I just enlarged it until I had the right size house to fit my shopping bag. 

For the main part of the house I decided on felt as it doesn't fray and well mainly as I had this lovely white glitter felt in my stash that just screamed pixie house, I also used some pretty duck egg blue natural felt for the door, then it was just a case of stitching it all together with embroidery floss, I used silver and then decorated the door with a split stitch in black thread to look likes boards before adding a cute little button for the door handle.

Oh how I love how may bag sparkles in the sunshine !!

I then cut a piece of red polka dot fabric for the mushroom top and cut some more glitter felt to make the spots

Stitching them in place, I added in the little window with some more black thread.

I then cut my little house a chimney out of the same duck egg felt and then pinned all the pieces to my shopping bag.

I decorated and stitched in place the chimney with blue metallic floss making sure the chimney was tucked in neatly under the mushroom.

Before stitching the rest of the mushroom to the bag I added a tiny bit of stuffing, not too much !! to make the mushroom a little bit puffy, then after a bit more stitching I was done.

 One cute little Pixie house. 

Here's it is on display at the exhibition.

Happy Crafting

Clare xxx


  1. It is very clever, Clare, and you have shown me a material I did not know is available, glitter felt! I have just done a bit of crochet, but am still planning an embroidery piece, which is an interesting part of the process. Wishing you well! xx

  2. This is so cute and, like Gracie, I had never heard of glitter felt. I haven't worked with felt for quite awhile

  3. I love the design, I love pixies and fairies, beautiful bag xx

  4. Oh, Claire, I am so sorry that you've been struggling with health. I'm also having a challenging year with health issues. And yet, your creation is just lovely. The idea of stuffing the mushroom was brilliant!