Thursday, 4 June 2015

Patchwork May

Hello........ Well May went by in a flash, I think I missed most of it as I spent the month feeling pretty rotten, medical mystery that I am, fingers crossed things are improving now and thankfully my pancreas seems to have perked up again.

So May, well there were lots of flowers here at the Summerhouse and lots of yarn too,  plus a wonderful trip to the magical Bluebell woods.

There was lots going on out in the garden, at least I'm pretty sure there was, I didn't make it outside that much, so I missed most of it. So when I came to make this mosaic there weren't too many photo's to choose from, but hopefully you get the gist of it, Bluebells and the first Roses of the year, plus the Horse Chestnut in the garden looking at it's very best in full of flower.

I'm still slowly working away on my Seaside Pebble Cosy blanket, above is a picture of the pebbles on our local beach, the inspirations for my blanket

Here are the latest rows to keep you up to date if you are following along

79-80 Cream
81-82 Brown Sparkle
83-84 Sherbet
85-86 Parchment

So June is here roll Summer!!

Happy Crafting 

Clare x


  1. The blanket looks great! I love those seaside colours:)

  2. Every time I see your blanket I smile again at the colours, I love them ;-)

  3. I too smile when I see your blanket it is such a delight in calming colours.

  4. I hope that June will be less of a medical mystery month and that you will be able to get outside and enjoy your garden while you are working on your crafts! xx

  5. Lovely mosaics again, love the flowers x