Saturday, 20 June 2015

Midsummer's Butterfly

Hello........ Saturday afternoon in the Summerhouse and it was time for a new craft 'Decoupage'.

This little kit came with May 2013 Crafts Beautiful magazine, so it's been sitting around for a while now, waiting for me to get my 'Decoupage on'

I just love this paper soooo much, just my cup of tea, blues pinks and greens, it just sings summer to me, so it seemed like kismet to make my little butterfly in celebration of midsummer's day (this coming Wednesay) and tomorrows solstice (how can we be there already!!)

After watching this handy video I set too with the paper tearing.

It seems such a strange thing to tear up the pretty paper only to put it back together again, but hey ho, I guess that's Decoupage for you.

Then it was time for the gluing I thought I was going to get into a bit of a sticky mess with this, but thanks to the handy tips in the video it all went fairly smoothly and was actually quite relaxing.

In no time at all I'd covered the front of my Butterfly and it was time for a rest while the glue dried.

To cover the gaps left on the back I then cut some slightly narrower pieces

and glued them onto the reverse side of the butterfly.

Yay skippy happy, I just love this paper sooo much, (my brains a whirl thinking of what else I can cover with it)

I then added a few sparkles, once by butterfly was dry, I just couldn't resist !!!

The kit came with a pink ribbon, but I thought it might be a little too wide for such a dainty butterfly so I found a narrower ice blue ribbon from the Summerhouse ribbon draw, yay I love the ribbon draw nearly as much as the button tin.


My Midsummer's Butterfly was complete.

Wishing you all a very happy peaceful midsummer/winter depending on hemisphere you are in.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Oooo Madame Butterfly! What a fun project xxx

  2. Oooo Madame Butterfly! What a fun project xxx

  3. Very pretty!!! I think it is so nice that you decorated both sides and your choice of ribbon suits it beautifully! xx

  4. Very pretty! I enjoy a bit of decoupage, it's very relaxing

  5. Very pretty! I enjoy a bit of decoupage, it's very relaxing

  6. Very nice, a great kit. It can be quite therapeutic and addictive I have found.

  7. Very fun, it looks great in your garden.

  8. So pretty. I too love decopage, so relaxing. x

  9. i love it! that paper is great!

  10. What a pretty butterfly - and hanging against the green leaves of the bush really makes it pop. Thanks for all the pictures and walking us through how to do this.

  11. I've never tried decopage before so it was interesting to read this. The butterfly is so perfectly pretty and summery. x