Friday, 27 March 2015

Easter Chicks

Hello......... The other day I had a bit of a crafternoon here at the Summerhouse

and made one of the Felt Chicks from 'The Big Comic relief Crafternoon magazine'.

I'm still stuck in bed feeling pretty rotten, so I wanted a quick little make to take my mind off my symptoms for a while, this was perfect as it was quite a low energy make, I gathered together some felt and thread and set too.

In no time at all I had cut out my felt chick and stitched it together, I decided to deviate from the pattern at this point by using a contrasting coloured felt for my wings.

I also decided to glue on some googly eyes instead of stitching them with black thread.

Next up came the legs and Trouble!!! yes my little chick was supposed to have little wire legs and feet, so it could stand. But alas it was not to be I think I had the wrong kind of wire as it just kept breaking. (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it !!)

Until all I had left were legs that looked like this eek, time for plan B

A good old bit of yarn to the rescue, much safer territory for me than wire.  I simply thread a couple of beads on to each leg and 

 my little chick was complete. I think I'm going add this little chick to my Springtime Wreath over Easter I'll sit him on the wreath with his little yarn legs dangling down.

Once I'd made my felt chick there was no stopping me it seems I'm in a Easter Chick frenzy, as I made this cute little fellow this morning using Lucy wonderful new pattern that you can find here so adorable I just could not resist when I saw them on her blog yesterday.

This cute little yarny chick was soon hopping of my hook this morning, with more to follow I'm sure.

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Clare xx


  1. Oh Clare, these are so cute! I have so much felt and this project would be a perfect use for it :) Thanks for sharing! Hugs

  2. They are wonderful, I particularly like the bead legs. I love a quick make, so satisfying.

  3. He will look right at home on the spring time wreath! X

  4. The beaded legs are a brilliant invention and I too think he will look cute on your wreath, Clare. I just saw Lucy's chicks and like them [and yours] as well. Happy Spring! xx

  5. Gorgeous and hope you are beginning to feel better.

  6. I love that little felt chick with his beaded legs! Too cute!

  7. The chicks are great, and your yarn substitute for the legs is a great idea. They are both so sweet. hope your symptoms improve soon, take it easy.

  8. Very fun little chicks my friend. Hope you had fun making them.

  9. Such sweet little chickies! Have a look on the Toft Alpaca website too - there's a free pattern for the cutest little crochet Easter chick, I think you'd like it :-)
    Happy weekend - take care of you,
    hugs xx

  10. You definitely need the right kind of wire for these sorts of things so your assumption of the wrong wire was right I would say!! I think that your little yarny and beaded legs are very pretty - and will look great dangling down if you hand your cute little fellow up! xx

  11. I hope you will be feeling batter really soon!!
    Your chicken is adorable! And your journey towards those funky beadsy-legs made me smile :-)
    Loooove the googly eyes too!!

  12. Such adorableness must have cheered you a bit. I hope you are feeling better now.

  13. Cute. I love the beaded legs. They will be nice when the "dangle".

  14. Love it and it's improvised legs!

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