Sunday, 1 March 2015

28 Drawings later (week 4)

Hello......... So I made it to the end of the 28 Day Drawing Challenge, yippee

Day 22: Is a colour pencil Primrose.

With a little help from chief crafting assistant Merlin, he just loves to get involved.

Day 23: I attempted to sketch my mandolin.

Day 24: Is another blast from the past, one I made earlier, as I had a very long and busy day, six hours there and back for a hospital appointment.

Day 25: Today I wanted to sketch a Hyacinth in remembrance of my Great Uncle, with yesterdays long hospital trip I wasn't well enough to attend his funeral today.  So instead I remembered him by drawing this, he loved Hyacinths

Day 26: Is another one I made earlier, a water colour and ink, I'm still struggling with the post exertional malaise from Tuesdays appointment. Payback is just no fun,

Day 27: The last few days of this project I've just run out of steam the payback from my hospital appointment on top of a ongoing relapse was just to much so today I shared this drawing from last year.  Seeing as we saw the London skyline, including the Shard on  the way to the Hospital Tuesday.

Day 28:  (finally) for day 28 I had hoped to share a new picture but alas it was not to be, in the end I shared this water colour of our Horse Chestnut in bloom.

So I kind of made it to the end of the challenge.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Clare, I love to see what you are working on, and I appreciate your talent in many mediums! I just posted some photos of my latest elementary efforts, but even though my efforts are simple, I so enjoy the creative process! I continue to wish you well!!! xx

  2. Your mandolin "sketch" is lovely! :D

  3. Well done on sticking with it Clare, in the face of adversity! As always, I live your flowers, they're so pretty :) If I was in a card shop and there were cards with your flower pictures on, I would definitely buy them :) Just lovely :)

  4. What beautiful drawings, I particularly love the wisteria and the mandolin. I'm so sorry things are really rough for you at the moment, and that you couldn't get to the funeral. I hope there is an improvement soon. CJ xx