Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Magnolia Blossom Tutorial

Hello...... I'm back in wreath making mode at the moment, making a few additions to my Springtime Wreath.

So today I thought I'd share with you a quick tutorial, of these Magnolia Buds, which all happened quite by accident the other day.

You see I had a few of these flowers lying around the place, not knowing what to do with them, I'd hooked them up when I was trying to find a flower for my Waltz of the Flowers Bunting.

 I found the pattern for these cute little flowers 'here over on Mrs T's blog but in the end decided not to use them on my bunting, so what to do with them.......

As my energy levels are low at the moment I was looking at them the other day thinking would it be possible to used them on the wreath in some way.

They were a little too large to use flat on the wreath, but after a bit of playing around I managed to make one of them up into a blossom. 

 So if you fancy making some too, first up you need to pop over to Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouses wonderful blog and hook up some flowers, then pop back here and I'll show you the rest...........

So here's how I did it,  first up I folded the flower in half (well just under, as you can see from the picture)

I then folded the flower in half again, and arranged the petals, before simply stitching up the sides with some cream yarn.

I then made some little stamens by making four yarn loops, by stitching through from the back, and leaving a little loop each time.

Once I had four loops I fastened off and then snipped through the loops to make the Stamens, trimming them to the desired length.

 Magnolia buds, 

As I used the flowers I already had, my flowers have several colours but I kind I like how some of the colours show through the layers of petals

They did proved quite tricky to photograph, due to there bud like shape, but I can't wait to try them out on the wreath, so pretty, yay for Springtime.

A big thank you to the very talented Mrs T for the original flower pattern, I hope she doesn't mind too much that I've have morphed mine into Magnolia Buds

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Such a clever idea and will give a wreath some dimension, stunning.

  2. Very pretty and thanks for sharing. x

  3. They are so pretty, Clare! I can imagine them being lovely additions to a wreath. Thanks for sharing the tutorial :-) xx

  4. How clever... and pretty too, well done. Are you adding them to your existing spring wreath or do you have another one in the making?

  5. What a smart cookie, these are so pretty.

  6. Looks really pretty and perfect for spring!

  7. Well aren't these just amazing? I love them and I love that you made them up from a fairly easy pattern and created something new.

  8. Thanks for the pattern, Clare, they are so pretty.

  9. So very pretty thank you for the pattern :)

  10. What a fantastic idea!!! Thank you for showing us! xx

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