Friday, 3 April 2015

Five on a Friday Easter

Hello and a Happy Hoppy Easter  to you, I love this time of year, it all about the Spring time, I think I like Easter even more than Christmas.

All those pretty Spring colours, we always do a bit of decorating for Easter here at the Summerhouse, from the Blossom lights, with it's pastel shades and Easter Llama.

Here's a closer look at my little Easter Llama, when I spotted them in Mollie Makes a few years ago I just knew I have to make one, you can read more about my little Easter Llama 'here'

One of my favourite decorations is a hand painted egg from Austria, it has a violets on it and reminds me of my lovely Nan, they were one of her favourite flowers and I managed to get this painted egg all the way back from Austria as a gift for her, without breaking it.

It's lovely to see it every Easter, her birthday used to fall on Easter quite often so it a great way to remember her.

The lounge also gets decorated, with chicks and eggs

There are some new chicks joining in this year

Plus I'm skippy happy that the Springtime wreath is back in town, with a few new additions, it was a wonderful to spend some time this morning repinning it and just in the nick of time for Easter.

Happy Crafting
Clare xx


  1. Hello! I love your projects. :-) I'm a knitter myself.

  2. Love the llama! Happy Easter!

  3. Wow, that springtime wreath is STUNNING! It took my breath away...!
    Love your crafty things:)
    Happy Easter!

  4. Love the llama and the additions to the Spring wreath are a real delight. Easter blessings.

  5. Happy Easter :) Love your decorations you have up, it's inspired me for next year. And WOW that spring wreath is amazing!!! I know from the Christmas one I did that must have taken ages but uts truly beautiful and I bet its a pleasure to hang up each year!

  6. Clare, I really admire your creations: the llama, your chicks, your eggs, and the spring wreath is stunning and extra charming with your little chick on it :) Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter! xx

  7. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

  8. A belated Happy Easter, Clare! Everything is so very pretty, I hope you had a wonderful day.

  9. I love your wreath, I definitely prefer the ones full of lots of different pieces

  10. I love all your decorations, but especially the wreath. It is so lush and springlike!

  11. All wonderful, but especially the wreath, and I love the llama.

  12. I dont know how I missed this post before! Its fab! Love the llama and the egg tree, so pretty xxx

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