Saturday, 1 November 2014

This Week

Hello........ I hope you are enjoying the weekend? Todays posts is a little round up of what been occuring at the Summerhouse.

This passed week has seen me start on yet another project. Not another WIP I here you cry, well this one is a very special one and from this little bit of it, I'll bet you'll never be able to guess what I'm attempting to make.

A week with pretty flowers from the farm shop, such a lovely surprise when my sister turned up with them.

There have been Pumpkins and croaking frog to spook the neighbourhoods trick and treaters, yes the frog has a motion sensor  and ribbits when anyone passes by.   My Dad got it years ago and used to love making people jump with it, so we  keep putting it out every Halloween, just as he would have done.

I've also been sorting out the Summerhouse a bit ready for Winter, removing some of the things to the house. When I realised I don't think I've got around to sharing this Spotty beauty on the blog.

It was my birthday present back in April to go with my New Sewing machine, a Button It box for the Summerhouse, I already have one by my bed but that's a long way from the Summerhouse when you're tired so this medium size box is perfect for  keeping some sewing bit in.  

Do you want a little peek inside?

It's just so pretty, with being so ill most of the year, I've not really been well enough to craft in the Summerhouse, so this box got a little forgotten I've not even got around to setting it up or using my new sewing machine.  Maybe next year I'll be a bit stronger.

Talking of health issues, well this week I went to see yet another Specialist this time a Endocrinologist. So I've lots more tests to be done. The good news is that my Diabetes has really improved to the point that my bloods show that I'm not Diabetic anymore.

It very unusual to say the least, to go from such a severe onset Diabetes, my blood sugars were as bad as they can get back in July yet three months later they are back in normal range, without any treatment so the thinking is it's autoimmune, so type 1 Diabetes? with a sudden remission, I really hope it stays that way.

So I'm ever hopeful with the tests we might be able to get to bottom of what wrong with me, as lots of my symptoms are autoimmune and inflammatory, so my previous diagnosis of ME is not really fitting anymore. As for whether it's Lyme Disease no one really knows.

Fingers crossed between the Endocrinologist, Immunologist and Cardiologist we can find out what's wrong. After all these appointments and tests I think a little treat might be needed, maybe something craft based............

We picked the last of the pears from the garden this week, you can see how low the sun is in the sky as it made such pretty patterns shining through the colander.

I've been flicking through the pages of this months Simply Crochet magazine

 Where I found the pattern for this Poppy

Also there was a delivery of some gorgeous new yarn, I'm a little bit in love with it, it's so soft and snuggly.

Well that's about all the happening from around here.
I hope you're week was a good one.
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Clare xx


  1. Hi Clare, lovely photos as always :) I'm glad the diabetes has calmed down. It is so frustrating when you keep having health issues and no one can explain why, or help much. With being so tired and feeling rubbish you do a really great job on keeping your blog up to date, even typing at a laptop or tablet is tiring in itself.
    Hope you have a good Sunday
    ps. intrigued by your little blue flower teaser!

  2. Well a lot to say.... I really hope you'll find what's wrong soon ... I know that anxiety to have health issues and no explantions at all !!!!! that's stressful ! Good luck ! Courage ! And try to have a nice sunday .... see you !

  3. Such good news about the diabetes, fingers crossed they may come up with a proper diagnosis. I loved the summerhouse sewing box it was beautiful.

  4. Beautiful flowers, a fun frog, great news about the diabetes and of course beautiful yarn.
    Hugs and hope you feel well this week,

  5. Hello lovely I am so pleased to read that you're diabetes seems to be under control. Do you think this is diet that has changed this and by cutting out more sugar? Diet plays such a pivotal part with diabetes and I really hope that it stays this way for you. I do hope you get to the bottom of it all soon as it must be so frustrating for you?! Your poppy is lovely and I really need to get around to making mine. Sending you much love xoxo

  6. I am glad that things are getting better re the diabetes, it would be good if that is done and gone wouldn't it. Take care and I hope you have a good November. xx

  7. You reminded me I must knit or crochet a poppy, I'd love to make enough to raise money for the poppy appeal one year.

  8. I love the spotty box, so pretty. I hope you get well soon, take care.

  9. I love your spotty sewing box. I hope that you feel well enough soon to make good use of it. It must be very frustrating to not have any answers, my sil has had the same problem (with a diagnosis) and seems to finally be getting to the bottom of it all, it has taken years tho'

    I love the crochet poppy.

  10. Beautiful flowers - looking at them must make you smile. I love your sewing box - it is gorgeous. All the best for your health and hope you are feeling well soon.