Thursday, 6 November 2014

October's Mosaics

Hello........ as always I'm running behind, here's last months little round up. Thanks for all the lovely comments left on my last post. I'll get round to typing up the pattern for the dreamcatcher as soon as I can.

October was quite a busy month here at the Summerhouse lots of yarniness from finishing my Autumn wreath to spooky a Halloween make as well as plodding along with my blanket and flower scarf, you'd think I'd learn to stick to one project at a time, but no that's not for me.

Talking of the wreath I hope you don't mind but I thought maybe it deserved it's own  mini mosaic, I'm so pleased with how it turn out.  It's still currently my favourite of all my wreaths but I'm sure that will change in a few weeks time when I put the Wintertime one back up, me fickle never !!!

With all the lovely mild Autumn days the garden was still blooming marvellous in October, so much colour still going on, just the way I like it.

Now my new years resolution to try and do a bit of art each month has all gone a bit awry,  to tell the truth I've just not been well enough, last month I just shared a image from a colouring book and this month it's worse still.

I've not managed anything at all, so I thought instead I'd share a couple of old pictures that kind of fit the month.

The first is a coloured pencil sketch of some pears from the garden from a couple of years ago.

The second picture is a water colour, from a magazine painting course I followed a few years back, seeing as we went to Hastings for the weekend last month, it's kind of fitting.

This months I'm going to try my best to do some art, but I have a lot of medical appointments coming up so we'll just have to see.

The Year in Books:

I did however finish my October read 'Thirteen Moons' by Charles Frazier written in the form of a memoir it tells the tale of a young boy sent out into the wilderness in  19th century America to run a out post store, where he is adopted by a Native American chief.  The book is bitter sweet sometimes funny but often harrowing in it's descriptions of how the tribes were forced out of there homelands.  I loved all the descriptions of the beautiful mountains forests, scenery and wilderness survival.

Seeing as we are getting toward the end of the Year in books, I decided Novembers book is going to be a bit of a guilty pleasure read.  I have to confess to a bit of a liking for a trashy vampire book.  

This book however written by a author of vampires books is about faeries, a stand alone book so I don't have to think about getting into a whole series. I know I'm way to old for Fairy tales, but I just don't care it's cold and wet and winter like outside, and I have lots of medical tests and appointments ahead of me, so  I figure now is the perfect time for a bit of a easy read and some escapism.

Joining in with The year in books

Wishing you all a wonderful November

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Lovely round up for October, I enjoyed seeing all those things again!

  2. Hi Clare! I have just scrolled back to catch up on your posts I missed, and am so impressed with all you have crafted! It is awesome to me that even though you have been unwell you have accomplished so much. The wreath is especially beautiful I think, but in general I just appreciate your artistry in whatever medium you use and share with us here. Thanks so much for posting. You inspire me, and I continue to wish you well. I am making good progress on knitting another bunny for my other grandson and practicing the continental method of knitting while doing so. xx

  3. Oh so many things homemade !!! Impressive ! I wish you too a very good creative November !

  4. A wonderful month of creative beauty. Looking forward to seeing what November brings, hope your health improves.

  5. The wreath is absolutely beautiful, clever you! And I love the boat painting, so simple but appealing to me because of that I think.
    And good luck with the medical appointments. I empathise, knowing only too well what it's like facing one after the other and trying not to focus on them, but the feeling of almost-euphoria when they are all out of the way... even if only for a few months until the next lot.

  6. Your photos are always such a treat Clare!

  7. Your photos are lovely and the wreath is just gorgeous - the colors you chose are perfect and all the fine details of each flower and leaf were mind boggling. You are one talented lady!

  8. Don't be hard on yourself! With all that you have to deal with you accomplish so much it is amazing to me. Also, you can't do a monthly mosaic until the month has finished can you!! It was lovely to look back at the last month with you and to see some of your older pictures too. xx

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I adore the wreath. I will have to look for that Charles Frazier book too.