Friday, 14 November 2014

These Days

Hello..... These days, these November days of greyness are upon us it seems, so if you get a spell of sunshine you have to make the most of it.

These days the Westerly Winds have taken most of the leaves from the trees

There are still ladybirds to found though, this one went off in the post the other day to spread some cheer.  It's a 'Attic 24' ladybird, I added a little magnet to the back and some googly eyes.

Earlier in the week this stunning Orchid came to live at the summerhouse, to cheer  these Autumn days. It was less than £4 reduced to clear at the Supermarket. 

So it hopped into my trolley as a little treat after a Cardiology Appointment, yes I have a new diagnosis to add to the ever growing  list.

 I've been diagnosed with POTS ( Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) it's nothing new to me I've had it for getting on twenty years now, ever since I got sick again at 19.  Back then they had no idea why my heart beats so fast, but now I have a diagnosis and some treatment.

It's runs alongside both ME and Lyme disease as well as many other illnesses, it basically means that when I'm lying down my heart rate is normal but when I stand it shoots right up high.  Now the problem is, that the advise if you have POTS is to exercise, but with ME you are told not too, so it's catch 22.

I tried to explain to the Cardiologist, that in June the ME service told me  'no exercise at all, that I'm not well enough at this time,' that the level of my illness means I'm only out of bed for about 1hour 20 minutes a day, but he just said 'I don't know much about ME, but POTS you need exercise, slowly build up you're exercise', followed by 'in six months time I'm hoping you'll be able to walk into you're appointment not be using a wheelchair.'  Don't you just love it when medical advice completely conflicts.

Never mind as these days, I have finished making the flowers for my cowl, just need to sew in the dreaded ends and make it up, I need to get on with it though or winter will have been and gone

These days Merlin has been keeping me company while I'm stuck in bed resting

It seems these days we are inching ever nearer to Christmas, so I bought this magazines for some inspiration

There has been card making and

other top secret Christmas makes are a foot.  I hope this pic doesn't give to much away.

And finally....
I've not forgot, it's been a bit of a tiring week for me, but I'm hopefully going to get the pattern for the dreamcatcher written up over the next few days.

Wishing you all a great weekend

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Sorry to hear of your POTS diagnosis. A good friend of mine has it so I know its not nice. The cards look fab and those snowflakes are lovely, cant wait to see what you make!

  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty around you, and the creative projects you are working on in spite of the doctors conflicting directions, Clare. I am wishing you well and hoping you have a happy weekend, too. My youngest son is scheduled to arrive soon after having driven from the East to the West Coast of the USA. I'm excited!!! :) xx

  3. Hi Clare, sorry to hear about the POTS, though I guess it *should* be easier when you know what you're dealing with. Unless your docs give conflicting advice ...... how irritating and frustrating that must be.
    You do get loads done though, considering ! I love the sparkly flowers, can't wait to see it all made up :)
    Have a peaceful weekend,

  4. Sometimes when you get conflicting advise go with what you feel in your heart to be right. Normally I get irritated when a doc say do what you feel you can as it is a total cop out but sometimes in the absence of any decent plan ask your body and go with it. Oh, and purr-therapy is just the best! Nothing more relaxing than a sweet purry beast to keep you company.

    Looking forward to your dream catcher pattern. I had one from a craft mag that was worse than useless and the bits are crying out to be made into a proper dreamcatcher which I could really use right now.

  5. Good to have a diagnosis, but bad that the info is conflicting. My advice is to do what your body tells you. Mine is telling me to stay in, drink tea and knit! Hugs to you Clare.

  6. I guess it is probably best to know what it actually is - but how frustrating to be told conflicting things. Not sure what you do about that, don't suppose there's a sensible answer. I do hope that knowing helps though.
    I think you thoroughly deserved that orchid and Merlin looks so happy stretched out like that. Cats do know how to live well! Juliex

  7. Well, good to know what it happens in your body but I agree with Meredith : I htink the best is ti follow what the body tells ... but I know it's not easy to follow it sometimes . So good luck !! I see you're stil creative (nad your cat too ... like mine !!!:-))) Have a lovely week end !

  8. That must be so hard for you, I am sorry. How frustrating that to help one condition you are advised to do something that would exacerbate the others. You know your body and your limitations better than anyone, take it easy. x

  9. I'm sorry about your diagnosis, Clare. I hope you're able to rest and relax, don't stress about the holidays coming up. Take care.

  10. Sorry to hear that you have another thing to take care of now, I hope that you can get some better and less conflicting advice about the exercise thing! It really is very hard when one person says one thing and the other says the exact opposite isn't it. I guess that is the difficulty with having multiple and complex conditions. Take care of yourself whatever happens. xx

  11. I am sorry about your conflicting doctors' advice. How frustrating for you. I hope you can get some rest and only do what your body can cope with. Like the others say, you know how to read your body's signals. Take care, and I look forward to seeing the new craft project emerging :)

  12. So sorry to hear about your medical diagnosis. It must be very frustrating trying to deal with different doctors' advice like that. Need to get them all together to sort out a solution!
    Oh my, those sparkly flowers are gorgeous - I am so looking forward to seeing what they make. I think they would look amazing on the Christmas tree as well.
    All the best to you.

  13. Sorry to hear of your medical troubles. Never fun to deal with. I love all the Christmas stuff though :-) My house is full on in the Christmas spirit. We are trying to hold off on most Christmas stuff until the day after Thanksgiving...but my kids are wearing me down!