Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Making a start.........

Hello.......... It hard to believe but this time next month will be the big day eek, here at the Summerhouse we've done a bit of Christmas shopping and some Christmas making,  there still so much to do though plus I'm trying not to get too distracted by my 'Seaside Pebble blanket' as I've still got a few more gifts to make.

I have however made a start on the homemade cards over the past few weeks I've been putting these together.

They came as a kit from Marks and Spencer with card blanks, attachments, buttons and some sparkle.

The kit contained two of each card

I loved the pretty snowflake ones so much that I started on these first,

A perfect bit of crafting, for low energy days, stuck in bed, I added ribbons, wooden buttons and glued on little sparkly gems and the printed greetings, which all came with the kit.

Next up was this eek, these candycane striped cards, a little bit too busy for my taste, but I was determined to make something with them.

So I raided my Christmas card making stash and added a cute border at the bottom and a Christmas Tree topper, before adding the greeting that came with the kit and a couple of sequin stars for sparkle.

The other Candycane card blank I decided needed a bit of snow. So I added a polka dot border and three paper snowflakes to the bottom of the card, covering the join with some silver ribbon.  Then I glued a big glitter snowflake to the main part of the card.  Before adding the 'Merry Christmas' to the top.

Next up were the much more sedate, polka dot blanks, much more my cup of tea, for these I was thinking vintage.

The kit came with these really sweet metal snowflakes, but how to used them?? I was pretty sure it would be tricky to push them though the card sooo........

I decided I would push them through the Ribbon, as I was thinking vintage I also found some lace in the Summerhouse to use.

Simply pushing them though the lace, I then glued a pretty little gem onto each of the snowflakes.

Adding more snow and sparkle, with a wooden glitter tree topper from my stash and some sequin snowflakes.


Here's the last card from the kit, with more snow flakes and sparkle.

So six down, a whole lot more to go....... eek!!
 Not sure I'm going to get many more made this year as time is running out and my energy levels are struggling but it was great fun to make these. 

I think I'd have to start making them in the Summertime if I wanted to send only homemade cards next year, but somehow I can never face making Christmas cards in the Summer.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. You've made some really lovely cards there Clare :) xxx

  2. Oooo lovely I liked the candy cane snowflake and the lacey tree the best xxx

  3. Your cards are so pretty and festive. Their recipients are sure to love them.

  4. Very pretty indeed!! I really like the way that you used the brads in the ribbon and added the gems too! xx

    1. Thanks Amy, Brads!! I was trying to think what the metal things were called yesterday when I was writing the post, been puzzling me and my foggy brain every since so yay. xx

  5. These are gorgeous, that's a lovely kit. Eeek, can't believe that this time next month, it'll all be over again!
    hugs xx

  6. These are just beautiful, Clare. Even the candy cane strip turned out lovely after all your bits of embellishment. I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet. I better get a move on!

  7. Your cards are so wonderful Clare, hugs to you. Meredith