Friday, 18 July 2014

This Week

Hello.... This week here at the Summerhouse has been a bit mixed, so here I am trying to find the positives, part way through my week of many medical tests, but there is always something good to be found.

This week there has been cheery post from lovely friends

and gorgeous Sun Flowers too

I've been doing a bit of sewing

and have completed all my little felt birdies. Now what am I making? I here you ask, well they are destined to become a Birdie Bunting for the Summerhouse.

All these lovely things, flowers, birdies and good post have been a great distraction, as last Thursday, I had a phone call from the Doctors surgery telling me that I am Diabetic and it's so bad I will have to start insulin.

All a bit of a shock, the tale doesn't end there though, I already eat a really healthy diet, but after the Dr said how high my sugar levels were, I decided to reduce my carb intake until I saw the nurse. 

I was issued with some leaflets on taking insulin by the nurse and she was saying this is all very odd we don't know whats going on, as your levels were fine six months ago. 

 She then took my blood sugar level and it was........... fine
completely normal, so she sent me home with a monitor and I spent Wednesday taking readings, again all Fine............ Yippee,

I saw the doctor yesterday and she said she has never ever seen this, it's like my pancreas packed up and went on holiday for a few months and now it's back!!!

So they don't really know why or how, but the theory is it's either the Lyme Disease or Auto immune as my immune systems so stirred up by what ever it is I have. My GP told me she thinks I may have a condition that has not even been discovered yet (well done Clare)

So what to do, I've been put on a low dose Diabetes medicine just in case, I'm even more seriously watching my diet and I'm going to monitor my blood sugars and hope it doesn't happen again or hasn't left to much permanent damage.

So anyone out there is this a Lyme Disease Symptom?  So little is known here in the UK.

This morning I awoke to a swarms of Sea gulls swooping about trying to catch a swarms of flying ants, not the best shot, but they were up really high, so had to zoom a lot, there were so many of them, like something out of The Birds, even more so after I read on Facebook yesterday that the sea gulls were attacking people after getting drunk by eating flying ants eek

Worryingly this week I discovered signs of Autumn out in the garden, come on garden it's only July

 So I thought I'd take you on a little tour around the garden, first we have to go down the steps to the Summerhouse and lawn, lots of things seem to be finishing but I'm still waiting on my sweet peas.

When I took my camera outside earlier

 I discovered most of the plants flowering at the moment seem to fit one colour palette,  I do love a bit of magenta, so if the garden must colour coordinate it's picked a good colour.

Back up the steps again, please mind the weeds, the gardens run away a bit with me ill and 'P' recovering from a eye op

Aww at least Merlin was waiting for me at the top of the steps bless him he's got hay fever with all this dry weather and pollen.

As for the rest of the week the test continue I'm having a 24 hour heart rate monitor as I type and Saturday I have to go and have a CT of my kidneys, my advise don't get ill it's no fun, I'm also planning on trying to keep cool in this heat and making up this cute little mouse. More on that next time, if  it  makes up OK.

Just before I go, do you remember the Seaside Bunting I made 'here' well currently it's up for auction with lots of other wonderful crafts and makes to raise funds for 'Invest in ME and Shelter' the auction is being run on Facebook by a wonderful group I'm a member of called Chronic Creatives I've put a link to the auction page 'here' if anyone fancies having a look, maybe even having a bid. This year the Auction is only open to UK bidder but go on, why not go and have a nose and perhaps even share the link on you're facebook page too,  many thanks

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Clare xxx


  1. I am so sorry to hear that things are up and down again. Not sure that having something that hasn't been discovered yet is a good thing, but it sounds as though your GP is doing all that they can to look after you in the circumstances. I hope that they can work out what is going on and at least you don't have to have insulin every day. Your birds are so pretty and will make beautiful bunting for your summerhouse. Take care Clare and I hope that you can have a relaxing weekend. xx

  2. Well that is really fascinating about your blood sugar levels being all out of whack and now back to normal. I wonder if others with Lyme's have experienced the same thing? Good luck with the rest of your testing in the next few days. I hope they give you useful information to help make you feel better. Your stitching is so beautiful and stay away from those attack birds.

  3. Can't wait to see the birdie bunting it looks lovely already. I do hope you get some answers soon, thinking of you x

  4. How curious, Clare! While you are waiting for answers you are making good use of your time! I love seeing your sunflower and your bunting birds. :) much better than the attack birds! Mercy! I hope your seaside bunting will attract a good buyer. Cheering you on to good health! xx

  5. How extraordinary that your blood sugars should be behaving so badly Clare …. I do hope they find the reason soon and can find a way to make you feel better …. as if you don't have enough going on with your body as it is. On a higher note, I love your little birdies and look forward to seeing them hanging in the Summerhouse but not so keen on the thought of the seagulls attacking people! Your garden is looking very bright and colourful - I love the pinks, and doesn't Merlin look so quiet and peaceful waiting there for you. Take good care of yourself lovely and I hope you get good news from your medical tests, xoJoy

  6. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I hope they get everything straightened out with your health soon. The sunflowers are so pretty, I'm sure they cheered you this week.

  7. Your bunting is so pretty and Merlin too! It is really marvellous you continue to find the beauty in life even when you are feeling so ill. Inspirational actually.

  8. Sorry you have had a rotten time health wise this week. But I am glad you have still looked for the happy things. Your little felt birdies are so sweet.
    Marianne x

  9. Your positive pictures are lovely. What beautiful sunflowers and your birds are so sweet. I hope they get to the bottom of your health problems it's so frustrating when you don't have a definite answer. Take care of yourself.
    Ali xx

  10. How worrying for you, all this uncertainty. I hope they get to the bottom of it. In the mean time, it's an excellent plan to focus in the good things in life! x

  11. Sorry to hear that, I hope that you get to the bottom of it soon. Lovely photos as always. Your steps look lovely and cute kitty.
    Sunflowers are so cheery. Your birdies are really cute x

  12. Hi Clare I have been a dreadful blog buddie recently just haven't had time to catch up with anyone. So sorry things are so up and down for you - you do an amazing job keeping so up beat and busy, what would we do without friends and crafty loveliness. Keep positive and I hope you are resting when you can Sue x