Friday, 4 July 2014

June Mosaics

Hello......... well June seemed to fly by here, I don't know about you but I don't know where the time went any road here's June's Mosaics

June was a month of sunshine and Flowers, not a lot of crafting or blogging got done as I've started to follow a new management program for my ME/Lyme disease so my activity has been scaled right back. I won't say anymore on that as health stuff is too depressing right now. 

I did manage a little bit of hook time and made a seaside mandala for Yarndale. I also stitched a cute strawberry and some little birdies for a very forgotten WIP, that even predates my blog eek more on that soon (hopefully) . Plus the wonderful surprise of finding a picture of my Summertime wreath in 'Crafts Beautiful' magazine, I'm still smiling about that one.

Music, Girl's nights in and Cocktails also featured, and will be coming to a post near you soon, I'm so behind.

On to a bit of Art and I'm still sticking with my New Year resolution.

 This months picture is my latest piece for Craft Club, yes we have new themes for another exhibition.  This one is Fantasia, I'm a bit Mandala obsessed at the moment and thought it would be fun to try and paint one representing the film. So I spent a afternoon with my sketchbook watching the film and making notes, it sure is a strange film.

Firstly I marked out guide dots in lines coming from the centre of the circle, and then let the drawing commence.  I painted it in watercolour outlined in ink.  As it was Fantasia, I decided there was a great need for glitter, (who am I kidding there is always a need for glitter !!) so I used different coloured glitter glues and some little beads to give it a bit more sparkle

My finished Fantasia Mandala. ( it's a bit tricky to photograph the sparkle)

Out in the garden there were so many flowers to cheer the spirits, can you see what's happened? it's find the matching pair time? I didn't notice until it was uploaded but one little floral diva is making two appearances.

The year in books

Junes book was Daphne Du Maurier's Frenchman's Creek, which I really enjoyed, so much so I'd finished it by the beginning of the month, which left me time to read Dr Myhill's latest book on CFS.

July's book is another historical one Virgin Earth by Philippa Gregory, it's kind of the Sequel to 'Earthly Pleasures' which I read in 'March' so I'm looking forward to reading it.

Well that's about it for June. Happy 4th of July to my American and Canadian friends enjoy the celebrations.

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Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. The wreath was sheer delight, I loved it. My husband started a new treatment, a fortnightly infusion for Stills disease alongside arthritis on Tuesday, no real side effects as yet so fingers crossed. Hope your new treatment is effective soon.

  2. It's always a pleasure to see blog.
    Bon courage!
    Lucie x

  3. Apart from your health issues - which I hope are improving with your new docs? - it seems that you have had a great June! I love your painted mandala! You are so talented in so many different crafts. The little strawberry is so very cute too. I hope that July is a great month for you in every way. xx

  4. You have been busy, so sorry your health issues remain a task to deal with. I will send you positive healing thoughts Clare. By the way I just wanted to tell you how very talented you are my friend.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Sooo pleased to hear your summertime wreath was featured in Crafts Beautiful, Clare! I enjoy viewing your many creative expressions in your posts. Echoing Meredith, Clare, I admire how very talented you are! Cheers for your artistic productivity, in spite of your health challenges! Wishing you well! xx

  6. Sweet and dainty painted mandala Clare, well done! All your June pics are gorgeous and tell lovely stories and I do hope that soon you will be able to tell us a lovely story regarding your health. Take good care of yourself, xoJoy

  7. June definitely flew by, and it seems July is intent to go just as quickly! The flowers are lovely. I hope that you feel better soon!

  8. I am sorry you feel down :( you seem to have had a productive June - those birds are delightful.

  9. Hugs, hope, and prayers to you, Clare! Your work is just so beautiful, as always. :)