Sunday, 20 April 2014

Three Things 51/52

Hello... and a Happy Hoppy Easter to everyone, I'll be doing a Easter round up post over the next few days but for now here's my penultimate year of happy post.

Number one:

My first skippy happy thing is the Tulips that are currently flowering in the front garden, they are early this year as they are usually blooming at the end of April around my birthday.

They are so bright and cheerful it's hard not to smile.

Number two:

My second happy is managing to do a spot of song writing, just a quick little song.  I recorded it on my phone as usual as if I don't with my memory they are gone by morning.

Fingers crossed I be well enough to go to folk club soon.

Number three:

My third thing is Easter I do love it, if I'm honest more so than Christmas. I spent some time decorating the blossom lights in my room on Thursday as well as in the lounge.

I hope you've had a wonderful Easter weekend, that all the happy for this time.

Clare xx


  1. Such beautiful bright tulips! Pretty Easter tree too.
    Marianne x

  2. Your tulips are gorgeous. How exciting that your birthday is coming up soon! Happy Easter to you.

  3. Beautiful happies Clare: your tulips are putting on such a wonderful show, they must make the neighbours happy too; your Easter tree is gorgeous, and I do wish you well with your song-writing and getting back into sharing your lovely voice with others. Wishing you a Happy Birthday when it comes around which must be any day soon! Love, Joy xo

  4. Hello Clare:) Gorgeous tulips and I do love your Easter tree! I didn't get round to decorating mine his year...I saw a comment you made on a My rose valley post and popped over to see you. I too have M.E so have great empathy for the brain fog :) Hope you have had a good Easter weekend xxx

  5. The tulip display is a sheer delight and the Easter tree was beautiful.