Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring Mandala's

Hello.......... Yes I'm afraid there has been another case of mandalitis here in blogland, this one also has a colouring book variant. 

Here's my latest completed Spring Mandala so relaxing to colour.

Seeing all the marvellous mandala moments that has broken out lately in blogland 'here' 'here' and 'here' just to mention a few, I just couldn't resist joining in, despite my resolution at the start of the year to finish some WIP's before starting anything new and not!! buy any new yarn, oh well I at least made it to April !!

I've never really crocheted in Cotton before after a bad splitty experience with some Rico Creative cotton, when I was first learning to crochet but the colours of the Drops Paris were just too tempting, so I'm going to give it a go, although it's some what chunkier than I was expecting. 

Oh well here goes !!!

My Mandala making is somewhat of a zen like clam experience as I've been completely a round each day after doing my meditation practise.

The meditation I've reintroduced as part of the new ME/Lyme recovery plan, so it's a little yarny treat for making it through some of the longer practises, as after about twenty minutes, I find my mind starting to wander and my aches and pains make my body a bit restless, but hopefully in time I'll get better at it, a bit like crochet.

I'm following a wonderful tutorial from Barbara's blog Made in K-town and so far it's been going great, I've learnt a new stitch too 'surface stitch' but I think it's about to get a bit tricky in the next round, I'll keep you posted on that one, hopefully I'll be able to complete my first mandala by next week.

As for the colours I'm picking them at random really, but they are all colours to be found in the Summerhouse garden at the moment.

Daffodils (pale yellow)
Flowering Current (bright pink)
Tulips (pale pink)
Forget me not (blue)

So it really is a mandala to represent the Springtime, see it seems the mindfulness meditation is working.

Such a shame I don't have yarn to match all the flowers in the garden, as the new hyacinths are such a gorgeous blue, I've never seen Hyacinth this darker blue colour before. So pretty.

Well that's about it for today.

Happy Mandala making

Clare xx


  1. Oh my word Clare such beautiful photos of your flowers, the colours are fabulous and your garden must look a blaze of colour at this time of the year. I love your mandala especially the colours.

  2. The colours are beautiful, both of the yarn and the flowers. I am still resisting the mandala but who knows....

  3. Beautiful photos (as always) Clare! I love your colouring book mandala - you have inspired me to get out the old copic markers and have me some colour fun this weekend!

  4. The colors you are using are beautiful Clare, just like your gorgeous flowers.

  5. Your colours are so beautiful! Your garden clearly inspires.

  6. Very pretty! I like both varieties of mandala you have made.

  7. Both of your mandala's are lovely, and very springy! Happy mandalitis!! xx

  8. Beautiful spring blooms, and I love your mandala! The colours are lovely - I really want to incorporate yellow into my forever-pink schemes, and the yellow you chose is perfect! Chrissie x

  9. Your crochet mandala is looking very pretty, great choice of colours.
    Marianne x

  10. A lovely post filled with pretty things... love the colours you've chosen for your mandala. Happy weekend, Clare xx

  11. Lovely coloured in mandala Clare, as well as crocheted variety, and as usual your garden flowers are beautiful too! All lovely colours! Hugs, Joy xo

  12. I thought I recognised your pattern - I used the same one from Made in K-Town. I love your colours! Here is my offering, linked in with Chrissie. Jane xx

  13. Fabulous flowers and a marvelous mandala in springtime shades. Perfect!