Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ladybirds for the Woollen Woods

Hello........ so today I thought I would share with you these little ladybirds I've been making for the Woollen Woods.  I do love a ladybug.

As well as crocheting some ladybirds I decided to attempt to make a pompom one!! 

So exciting, mostly as I got to used this lovely bit of retro kit from my childhood, I used to love this 'pompom pets' kit, as you can tell as I still have it. Back in the 80's this was then ultimate in pompom making. Did anyone else have one?

Unfortunately the pompom maker I needed to follow the pattern in the kit was missing, so I decided to improvise and used the oval shape instead, not really having much of a clue if it would work.

So with high levels of excitement I wound the yarn as per the pattern book and started to snip away to make my pompom.........

As you can see using the wrong maker meant that the spots didn't really work out, but never mind I had a plan, so after trimming up the pompom.

I cut out some spots from so old black corduroy

and glue them in place.

Then I crocheted a chain, knotted at each end for the antenna and after a stitching in place and a bit more pompom shaping.

I had a mama ladybird 

 I crocheted a little family of ladybirds to go with the Mama one, using Lucy's super cute ladybird pattern from over at 'Attic 24'


Here they all are enjoying the sunshine in the Summerhouse garden before being posted off to the 
'Woollen Woods' not long now till the exhibition starts at Sizergh Castle in Cumbria.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I've never seen the pom pom pets kit, but I love it hehe!
    I'm thinking of making some pom pom chicks for easter!

  2. These are so creative, I just love them

  3. They're so cute. I did not have this kit but I remember kits like it from when I was a kid. I remember one where you could make a whole poodle doll from pompoms!

  4. They are really lovely. They would be great for going on the top of a child's hat. My sister had a kit very similar to that one.

  5. Oh soooo sweet! Pom Pom making is so therapeutic, isn't it. Have a happy day,

  6. Love your ladybirds. I had a Pompom Pets kit too - what a blast from the past. I never managed to make anything with it though, in spite of trying. The CC tree is going to be brilliant.

  7. OMG!!!! These are brilliant, I love the way that you have a whole family, pom pom Mummy and then the little crochet family behind. Brilliant!! xx

  8. OH clever you, Clare - these are gorgeous little things - I love ladybirds too!
    Keep well, love, Joy xo

  9. How cute. The exhibition sounds like a lovely idea. Wish I lived closer to visit. xx

  10. Oh my goodness, I had a very similar kit when I was a child...back decades ago. It had a chick and a bunny and a frog that I remember for sure. I wonder if I can rustle up the box lid in the basement...it's all that was left of the kit years ago. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  11. They look wonderful! We are looking forward to the new woollen woods we loved the last one at Acorn Bank :)