Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Three Things 50/52

Hello...... I'm struggling to keep up with the blogging at the moment, but here are last weeks 'Three Things'

Number one:

Is this beautiful Camellia, the plant is covered with blooms this year, which makes me very happy it's very close to my heart as my Dad planted it, so I always think of him when I see it's beautiful flowers. Last year it did not flower, perhaps because of the cold winter, but it sure has made up for that this Spring.

Number two:

 All the mandala madness in blogland at the moment, reminded me of the wonderful doilies we have that my Great Nan made.

Just look at the work in this one it astounds me how fine the cotton she crocheted with was. I never got to meet my Great Nan as she had passed away before I was born, so it lovely we have some of her wonderful crochet.

This is my favourite of her Doilies it's just so pretty

What a talent lady she must have been.

Number three:

Now this is a big happy, I've finally succumbed and bought a sewing machine, I blame the 'Sewing Bee' and being it a bit of a weaken state due to feeling pretty grotty and fed up as I have yet another virus. So the maths is easy really. ME/Lyme relapse + Antiviral side effect + cold + hay fever + Special offer price = Sewing Machine cheer up treat for Clare.

I just need to find the energy to figure out how to use it. I did have a little play on Saturday just to make sure it was working OK. 

So now I need to find some easy sewing patterns as I'm a complete beginner to this sewing malarkey, leave a comment if you have any easy pattern or book recommendations.

Well that about it, it's pretty hectic here at the moment with so much to prepare for Easter I just need to find some energy from somewhere.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. What a wonderful treat, hope it does cheer you up. I would suggest starting with some old fabric that has had a previous life an old sheet perhaps and making a table runner, or envelope cushion covers so that you can get the feel of the sewing machine. Happy sewing.

  2. Enjoy your new sewing machine! My first projects on the sewing machine were envelope cushion covers :)

  3. Lovely happy things - especially that pretty blossoming flower. And yay! a new sewing machine. I have a Janome too and love it - you'll figure it out very quickly and I hope it's cheering you up.
    There's a website that has stacks of easy ideas like aprons etc, and also the Sewaholic & Colette patterns are graded and have very user-friendly instructions to follow. Have fun & happy sewing, and I hope you feel stronger again soon. Hugs xx

  4. Lovely things! I hope you enjoy using your new sewing machine...I have caught the sewing bug too and I am enjoying my new addiction so much.
    Marianne x

  5. Wow, nice sewing machine! Have fun with it!

  6. Sorry to hear that you are still feeling grotty, I hope that things improve soon. Hope that your new sewing machine is lots of fun and that it cheers you up! Thanks for showing your grandmas doily, it is beautiful! xx

  7. Well it sounds like you definitely need a new toy to brighten your days. Sometimes blogging and life illnesses just don't mix but we are not going anywhere and sometimes a rest is needed.
    Your Nans doily is absolutely stunning. I am always in awe of such intricate and beautiful crochet and this is in such wonderful condtion and lovely colours too xxx

  8. What a lovely post of pretty pictures. There's something extra special about fine heirloom crochet - a treasured connection to loved ones. A sewing machine is always a good investment - you won't know yourself once you have mastered a few basic skills. When I got sick, I too purchased a sewing machine and it was money well spent, although I cannot recommend a good beginner's pattern because my sewing days are filled with mending mostly (children!). Most of my friends had a basic skirt as a first garment pattern. If you can keep your sewing machine set up in a permanent place, that will save your energy so there will be more left over to enjoy your new toy.

  9. That flower is so pretty!

    Sarah x

  10. I too have have been bitten by the sewing bug. I recently dusted down my old machine I have not used it for 25 year and I wasn't very good at it then. But , the sewing bee has made me desperate to sew. I bought some material , threads, new scissors and the sewing bee book ,wish me luck
    Happy Easter

  11. Sorry to hear you are poorly.
    Congrats on your new machine :-) Very exciting! You may be interested in Lazy Daisy Jones's blog as she has a sew-a-long going at the moment for the making of a skirt. Daisy can be found at
    Tracey xx

  12. Wow ..... what a piece of art, your great nan was so talented, its just beautiful.
    I hope your feeling better very soon, i'm sure your new toy will speed recovery!
    Happy Easter!
    love Jooles x x x