Friday, 2 February 2018

Floral Wreath

Hello.......... If there is still anyone out there in blogland that stops by the summerhouse, I'm sorry I was not about very much last year, but with a health crisis I kind of lost my crafting mojo a bit, for a long time I just wasn't well enough to crochet and craft.

This make kind of helped me find my mojo again, I made this wreath as a secret Santa present for a crafting group I'm a member of on facebook.  Now I  ummed and rrrrred about whether I was well enough to join in with the secret Santa but in the end I decided to go for it.

I wanted something quiet easy and low energy to make so decided on some crocheted flowers. Now this make didn't start out as a wreath at all, but a garland. the very pretty yarn came from a kit that came with Mollie Makes magazine.

I made the flowers up as per the patterns in the magazine, only to find that when I threaded them onto some bakers twine they would not hang straight., they just kept falling forwards.   This was probably because I couldn't resist decorating the flowers with pretty buttons and beads.

That's when panic set in as I was very poorly and didn't have the time or the energy to make something else. So it was time to put my thinking cap on.  Straight away I thought wreath but knew I wasn't well enough to make one of my full crocheted wreaths.

Then I spotted a large embroidery hoop in my craft basket and inspiration struck, using double sided tape at the top of the hoop, to hold the yarn in place, i started winding the yarn around and around to cover the wooden hoop.  

It took me a few days as this was quite a workout for my weak noodle arms. Once the hoop was covered I simply used another piece of double side tape to hold the yarn in place at the top of the hoop, before tying off the yarn around the metal clasp. 

I then simply used PVA glue to attach the flowers to the covered hoop, which seemed to hold in place really well.


My wreath was complete.  I really hope that the recipient likes it, sunny colours to cheer a winters day.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx



  1. What a lovely gift, inspirational. Hope you are feeling a little stronger and that you will be able to do a little more.

  2. I'm so glad to see you back in blogland again. The wreath is beautiful, so springlike and happy.

  3. It is a lovely gift Claire, I would be thrilled to get it. Hoping you are feeling better and stronger every day.

  4. What a fantastic idea! I love it - super cheery!